Team building sustainable development, CSR team building: play eco-responsibly

In a fast-changing world, and aware of the importance of preserving the environment, more and more companies are seeking to integrate eco-responsible values into their activities. Team building is an excellent way of promoting team spirit while adopting a sustainable and socially responsible approach.

At AFNOR-certified SOP Events, we're committed to offering you innovative and committed team building solutions. Discover how to combine entertainment and eco-responsibility in our unique CSR team buildings.

Several people around a table to organize a CSR team building event

Raise your employees' awareness of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) values and ecological issues with a sustainable development team building day, also known as ecological team building or CSR team building

These sustainable development team building activities refer to companies' commitment to sustainable development on 3 levels (social, environmental and economic) and the integration of these notions into their strategy.

Sustainable development issues are becoming increasingly visible in today's workplace. There is a real awareness of environmental issues, and companies need to set an example if they are to be followed by their employees

This type of team building has a positive impact on the environment and society, while adding real added value to the company. In fact, an environmentally-friendly company is an attractive one that stands out from its competitors.

Go green with CSR team building

Opt for the theme of sustainable development to help protect the environment. The main aim is to inform and educate your employees about the importance of water and its preservation, organic food, waste, recycling and the problems associated with industrial pollution... all while having fun!

We can also organise your company seminar and combine it with our sustainable development team building activities to combine work and leisure. It is necessary to give importance to intra-personal relations in order to optimise the productivity of the company. Moreover, the working atmosphere is nowadays a determining factor in the quality of the work done and the involvement of employees within the company. It is therefore important to take care of the well-being of your employees. Our sustainable development team building activities are made for this!

Adopt the ecological trend and learn the tips and information you need to become familiar with environmental issues. A series of challenges is usually proposed to teams during sustainable development team building events. For example, participants will be confronted with a game of selective sorting, the construction of objects made from recycled paper, energy-saving concepts... 

Happy co-workers on a treasure hunt

The Eco-Friendly Treasure Hunt

Dive into the heart of your city as a team, searching for hidden treasures while tackling challenges linked to sustainable development.

Collect clues by answering riddles about biodiversity, renewable energies and much more.

Eco-responsible team building

In this eco-responsible team building activity, teams challenge each other to playful ecological events based on fundamental questions about the future of our planet.

Points are awarded for each successful test. At the end of the game, the total points will determine the winning team! Thanks to these challenges, you can create links between employees by communicating key messages.

Eco-friendly DIY workshops

Get your hands dirty and create eco-responsible objects together at our Do It Yourself workshops.

You can make reusable products and objects from recycled materials, and develop your creativity while adopting sustainable practices. For example, give new life to used objects by transforming them into useful or decorative items. Participants learn to create plant holders from plastic bottles, coasters from bottle caps, or even storage boxes from tin cans. This encourages reuse and reduces the amount of waste.

Green Olympics

Take part in our Green Olympics, a fun and exciting way to get to know each other.

The various events will showcase your skills through challenges of logic, speed and observation, but also your team spirit and environmental awareness

Several people on a segway ride

Segway adventure tour

Embark on a Segway tour to discover the most beautiful sites around Luchon in the Pyrenees. This Segway activity is accessible to all, easy to learn and great fun.

Joyful moments to share with employees.

Creation of design objects in cardboard

This object creation team-build gives you the chance to create a decorative object from start to finish with the help of an expert.

Beyond the creation of objects, this workshop is a moment of sharing and hilarity within the team. Give employees a chance to express their creativity and improve group communication.

Two cardboard chairs

Vintage ecological rally in the city of your choice

Set off with your colleagues in search of the city of your choice to take part in the eco-responsible electric bike rally ! Experience a real urban adventure as a team, in a spirit of exchange and sharing for sustainable development.

On the program: orienteering rallies and fun activities (races, tastings, 60s-style electric bikes...).

The benefits of CSR Team Building

The benefits of CSR team building are manifold. In addition to strengthening team cohesion, it allows you to :

  • Reinforce commitment: By getting involved in meaningful activities, employees feel valued and committed to the company's values.
  • Improve brand image: By adopting an eco-responsible approach, your company strengthens its image both internally and externally, attracting like-minded employees and customers.
  • Fostering innovation: Sustainable development issues can give rise to new ideas and initiatives within the company, encouraging innovation.

At SOP Events, we're convinced that CSR team building is much more than just a passing trend. It's an opportunity for companies to make an active commitment to preserving the environment while strengthening their teams. Our playful, eco-responsible activities enable participants to raise awareness, learn and grow together in a positive, responsible way. Opt for meaningful team building activities and contribute to a better world with SOP Events!