Group of employees doing a team building activity in white water, canoe activity

Team building Beach, team building Sea, Ocean and Whitewater...

Take advantage of the warm sunshine between April and September to discover a wide range of incentive and team-building beach activities (or other activities: canoeing, kayaking, canyoning, sailing and sand yachting, catamaran...). Take off with your clients or colleagues for a day (or more) in an authentic setting, an exceptional natural environment with beaches bordered by lakes and pine forests, rivers criss-crossing the mountains and breathtaking, vertiginous canyons! It's simply an incredible way to strengthen team cohesion, thank your customers or build loyalty, by offering them a convivial moment in the heart of nature through beach team building and sea team building activities. Send us your request, and one of our SOP project managers will contact you to discuss your project together, and you'll receive your personalized quote within 48 hours.

What are the different beach, sea and ocean team building activities on offer?

Below, you will find a brief description of each beach, sea, ocean team building activity we offer:

- Team building rafting: a raft is a large inflatable boat for up to 8 people. Propelled by a paddle, you descend a river under the supervision of a professional guide at the back of the raft. This beach, sea and ocean team-building activity will improve cohesion, harmony and organization within your team. You're sure to share a convivial moment.

- Team building canoe-kayak: supervised by professionals, participants will discover magnificent landscapes and navigation techniques throughout this beach, sea and ocean team building activity. Canoeing is a sport accessible to all. You'll make rapid progress and share a great time with your team.

- Canyoning team building: this beach, sea and ocean team building is a collective adventure involving waterfalls, natural slides and abseiling in the middle of nature. The aim of canyoning is to improve team cohesion, communication and adaptability. Our agency creates tailor-made canyoning activities to suit all levels.

- Team building sailing: aboard a real sailing race, you'll develop your team spirit throughout this beach, sea and ocean team building activity. Sailing is a communicative and participative sport. Team members need to be united in order, organization and solidarity.

- Team building catamaran: this beach, sea and ocean team building event is ideal for strengthening team dynamics and sharing a moment of conviviality, relaxation and discovery. Participants enjoy a catamaran excursion on the sea, with sunbathing, grilling, walking and swimming.

Where can you organize a beach, sea or ocean team building event?

See where the wind takes you with team building activities on the beach, sea or ocean, such as rafting, canoeing or pirogue in the French Pyrenees or the Mediterranean, take an introduction to ice diving in Andorra, go canyoning in Switzerland, Spain, the USA, Costa Rica, Bali or New Zealand, and enjoy an end-of-year picnic. On the sea or the ocean, take part in a team-building activity on a catamaran or canoe-kayak on the beach, sea or ocean.  

How long does a beach, sea or ocean team building event last?

We offer a range of packages for your beach, sea and ocean team-building: half-day, full-day with picnic, weekend with accommodation, and more. Our packages can be adapted to suit your needs, your budget and any constraints you may have. To improve team cohesion and bring your colleagues closer together in a professional setting, you need to show your appreciation through relaxing activities like beach, sea and ocean team building.

Some of our beach, sea, ocean team building offers are not listed on the site. If you would like a personalized quote, tailored to your specifications, needs, desires, constraints and requirements, please contact us on 05 34 391 392 or via our quote request form. If you put your trust in SOP Events, your beach, sea and ocean team building event is sure to be a success!