Organize a corporate team building event

As an events agency, SOP Events specializes in corporate team building, games and entertainment in France and abroad. SOP Events aims to help you discover new places, new concepts and new original team building activities that you and your team will remember!

Whether you're looking for a sporting, entertaining, gastronomic, unusual or thought-provoking activity, discover all our corporate team building activities and share a convivial moment with your colleagues. What's more, a team building activity goes perfectly with a seminar, allowing participants to enjoy a moment of relaxation and sharing after their meeting sessions. Send us your request, we'll adapt to your needs and send you a personalized quote within 48 hours. You'll then be free to choose the service that suits you best.

With over 3,000 events organized every year, including 1,600 seminars, our agency has the expertise to organize your corporate seminar. Discover our turnkey packages or consult us for a corporate seminar tailored to your needs. Combine work and relaxation with our selection of corporate seminars that will delight your employees.

Each year, more than 1300 clients experience these solutions adapted to the needs and strategies of companies, to the cohesion and motivation of their teams.

What does organising a company team building consist of?

Corporate team building is a set of stimulating techniques designed to develop and maintain the motivation of a company's entire workforce in a playful setting. In a business environment where thinking is more focused on meticulous organization, team building brings a quirky, original aspect to the various activities. Organizing a team building event also enhances individual creativity, and enables employees to get to know each other better and work more effectively together.

Team building idea for companies: where to organise your team building?

Looking for an idea for a corporate team building activity? It's easy to find a team-building activity in France, with its many Unesco World Heritage sites. Internationally, the sea, the ocean and the mountains offer a palette of landscapes and activities as diverse as they are varied. You could go hiking or horse-riding in Aquitaine, rafting in the Pyrenees, mountain biking, 4×4 or quad biking in Spain or Dubai, followed by a hot-air balloon ride... On the snow side..,

We can also manage transportation to the destination, transfers if necessary, accommodation, catering, workroom hire and of course unique team building activities.

How to set up a company team building?

If you don't really have the experience or time to organize a team building or corporate incentive, it's best to entrust this task to an agency specialized in this field, an event agency that can analyze your needs and constraints and analyze the behavior of participants to achieve real team cohesion.

The SOP Events team can help you set up your team building program to develop collective intelligence and team motivation through games, creativity and challenges. Empirical knowledge of the business world and years of experience have enabled us to offer companies the very best in team building solutions.

The different types of corporate team building and corporate incentives:

There are many different types of team building activities, depending on what you're looking for and what you want to achieve. Here are a few team building ideas.

- Creative team building:
Creative team building is ideal for team building, from 7 to 77 years old (wood games, frescoes, painting, oenology, perfume creation...). The aim is to build an artistic object as a team and develop the creative aspect.

- Cultural team building:
Cultural team building combines relaxation and discovery: a visit to a picturesque village, a gabarre ride on a river, the discovery of a protected site... Each activity is a way to challenge your teams and help them discover the treasures of our country.

- Industrial / commercial team building:
Industrial team building is quite simply the discovery of a site such as Airbus with the A380 assembly line, a visit to the Cité de l'espace in Toulouse, or a tour of various start-ups in New York related to your field...

- Team building rally:
Whether in a 2CV, mountain bike, segway or on foot, this team building is a mix of discovery and orientation. A highly effective tool for improving team cohesion and strengthening bonds.

- Team building sports:
This type of activity is ideal for letting off steam while learning a sport or sporting activity: introduction to golf or rugby, organization of a mini-Olympiad, boot camp in the forest...

- Team building adventure:
This team building activity is ideal for those who like to share thrills as a team: accrobranche, canyoning, rafting, 4×4, quad, etc. Adrenalin flows freely, and the group must be united to face difficult situations.

Games and entertainment: entertaining and surprising your guests

Are you looking for original and fun corporate event entertainment or games for your company day, seminar or evening event? We'll design and produce your corporate event entertainment at the venue of your choice in the South of France, for groups of 10 to 500 people or more. 

SOP Events offers turnkey solutions (logistics, activities, catering...), with a catalog of group activities and games to enhance your corporate days or evenings. Our mission is to make your event stand out from the crowd with unique and unusual entertainment created by professionals in the event and entertainment industry.

How to choose your company event animation:

- Group games:
The principle of all group games is virtually the same, with a quick introduction to explain the game and give a time limit for reaching an objective (discovering an enigma, creating a giant fresco, taking part in an investigation game, a quiz or blind test, creating a cocktail on a dedicated theme, a mini hot-air balloon, a raft or a Roman chariot...).

- Fun activities:
Fun activities are workshops with a recreational value, such as organizing a wine casino, creating a perfume, shooting a video clip or building wooden games.

- Visual and artistic animations:
These animations are made to complete an event or evening with various artists present to entertain your guests. From a close-up magician to dancers, a gipsy or 80s music group, a culinary workshop, a blind tasting, a caricaturist, an animator, comedians or musicians..., SOP Events offers you the best cast of artists in all entertainment disciplines.

The aim of these events is to enhance your company's image with your customers or employees, to develop exchanges and group spirit and to strengthen team cohesion through artistic events or fun and entertaining games.

- Group games are often synonymous with motivation and integration, facilitating the commitment of each employee towards a common goal: making the team win together!

- Fun animations involve participants in a specific task in the form of a game, which reinforces the feeling of belonging to the company and boosts performance.

- Visual, artistic and musical animations are designed to enhance your event, entertain your guests and convey a positive, modern image of your company.