A visit to the von cellar during an oenology team building event

Team building Œnology, Incentive Œnology

Discover our oenology team building and oenology incentive packages, a new way to strengthen team cohesion, listening skills and the exchange of ideas and sensations. A special way to combine participation, creativity and conviviality in a corporate setting, all centered around wine. With these oenology team-building workshops, taste the best prestigious French wines, from full-bodied, powerful reds to fruity, delicate rosés, from dry, lively whites to sweet, syrupy wines. Become an expert yourself!

Which wine team building to choose?

It all depends on your objective, your budget and the time you wish to devote to this oenology team building activity. SOP Events offers a wide range of oenological events, from ½ day to a weekend with oenological activities:wine creation andblending workshops, aroma recognition, wine tasting or an orienteering course in a vineyard, oenological dinners and company dinners with tastings, team building events around wine such as the wine casino, oenology courses or introductory courses with tastings.

Where can you organise your wine team building event?

The choice is yours, whether directly at your workplace or during a seminar, in a private room, in a cellar, on a wine estate or in the heart of nature... Between Aveyron and Pays Basque, bordered to the south by the Pyrenees and to the north by the Massif Central, you'll discover wine incentive stays in unique locations (Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris, Biarritz, Montpellier, Narbonne, Frontignan, St Tropez, Cannes, Marseille...), but also in Spain. Take the Wine Route and discover the world of these incredible wine estates, cooperative wineries, wine houses and their history. Live amidst an ocean of sun-drenched vineyards.

How do you choose your wine event?

The choice of a wine event depends on your objectives, your personal preferences and your target audience. Here are a few steps to help you choose the right wine event for your situation:

Define your goals:

    • What is the purpose of wine events? Is it for pleasure, to strengthen professional relationships, or something else?
    • What results do you want to achieve? For example, do you want your guests to discover new wines, improve their wine knowledge, or simply have a good time?

Know your audience:

      • Who are your guests? Are they wine novices, wine enthusiasts or wine professionals?
      • Take their wine preferences into account. For example, some may prefer red wines, others white or rosé.

Consider the context:

    • Where will the wine event take place? Is it a seminar, business meeting, trade show, etc.?
    • How much time do you have for animation? The length of the animation may vary according to the context. 

Choose the animation format:

  • Blind wine tasting: participants taste different wines without knowing their origin, which can be fun and educational.
  • Vineyard tours: if possible, a winery tour can offer an immersive experience.
  • Wine tasting courses: for those who want to deepen their knowledge of wine.
  • Wine and food pairing: pairing wines with food can be a rewarding gastronomic experience.
  • Fun entertainment: games like wine bingo, quizzes or tasting contests can add a touch of fun.