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SOP Events has been awarded the Engagé RSE label

SOP Events, which belongs to the CTA Group, has been awarded the "progression" level of AFNOR Certification's Engagé RSE label. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CERTIFICATE. For us, this is a concrete way of measuring the performance of our CSR approach to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in line with the international standard ISO 26000. We are joining a community of nearly 200 organisations with the Engagé RSE label.

Why choose to be CSR labelled?

We have chosen the Engagé RSE label from AFNOR Certification to affirm our contribution to sustainable development. This label is very demanding: more than 50 criteria are examined according to the ISO 26000 standard and the Sustainable Development Goals.

More than a self-declaration or an online questionnaire, the Engaged CSR label is awarded following an on-site assessment conducted over several days every 18 months. We provide an independent assessor with objective evidence that we are managing the social, environmental and economic impacts of our activities. It challenges us and encourages us to improve. Employee representatives at all levels of our organisation are interviewed as well as external stakeholders. This label signals the comprehensiveness and consistency of our progress. It is also a sign that we have identified our stakeholders and established a dialogue with them to understand and respond to their expectations.

The 7 areas addressed by the Committed CSR label are the 7 core issues of ISO 26000(governance, human rights, labour relations and working conditions, environment, fair practices, consumer issues, communities and local development).