Company event evenings, afterwork, unusual or upmarket

SOP Events specializes in organizing corporate evenings in France and abroad. Whether you're looking for a convivial, unusual, trendy or original corporate evening, a top-of-the-range evenementielle in an exceptional venue, or a themed corporate evening or afterwork, our team puts its experience and innovative ideas at your service to provide participants with an exceptional experience.

With over 3,000 events organized every year, including 1,600 seminars, our agency has the expertise to organize your corporate seminar. Discover our turnkey packages or consult us for a corporate seminar tailored to your needs. Combine work and relaxation with our selection of corporate seminars that will delight your employees.

An eventful evening in the image of your company:

Your corporate event is a unique event that needs to make a lasting impression. That's why we're always striving to innovate, to find new ideas and new venues to make your corporate event a real success.

Decoration, entertainment, technique, meals or cocktails, venue... we put all our expertise into satisfying you. In the end, the organization of your evening event will leave your guests with a memory of pleasure and joy that they will associate with your event, and thus with your company. A successful evening event reflects well on your company to your employees and customers.

Ideal for improving team cohesion within your group or building customer loyalty, a corporate evening event will leave a lasting impression on your guests, customers and colleagues. The aim is to astonish them, make them dream, dazzle them, entertain them and win their loyalty.

Our expertise at the service of your event:

For your corporate evening, our agency analyzes your needs, desires and constraints to create an optimal evening event in line with your specifications. Rely on our know-how to get your message across, reshape your brand image, or simply dazzle your guests. 

Our services :

Launch of a new product or brand, cocktail party, awards ceremony, themed evening with musical and artistic entertainment, magician, gala dinner, inauguration of new premises, chairman's greetings, birthday party, end-of-year party or management dinner in exceptional sites that can be privatized, original, unusual or even ephemeral venues...

We take complete charge of your evening event, from quotation to installation on D-day. We're there for you on every level: creative (coming up with corporate party ideas), technical (sound and lighting), and human (personalized support from A to Z). To this we add quality caterers for the food and our expertise in interior and exterior decoration. As a party and event organizer, we're always on the lookout for the latest technologies to enhance your operational communications.

Our themes :

SOP Events offers you a multitude of choices and ideas: experience the Thousand and One Nights for a corporate oriental evening, dress in white for a corporate garden party, rediscover your childlike smile for a corporate circus evening, retrace the American dream for a corporate western evening, sail on a barge for a prestige corporate evening, attend a cabaret show for a glittering evening or take part in a private horse race... 

Every day, SOP Events does its utmost to unearth the latest innovations on the events market so that your evenings are always more beautiful, more original, more innovative and more successful. SOP Events dares the unthinkable with a rare creativity for a common success.

Choose a unifying theme:

Just like the title of a book, the theme chosen for your corporate event represents 70% of the success of your event. But you still need to know how to choose it. Celebrating your company's 20th anniversary isn't a theme. Rather, it's an opportunity to organize an event... on a theme that you'll need to determine with our help. A 2.0 evening, a chic casino evening, a 70's evening, a Sudoku evening... Different themes that will then need to be complemented with entertainment (artists, musicians, sound and light effects).

Choose a venue for your party:

Based on your theme, you'll draw up your specifications and choose the ideal venue. The venue must meet all the criteria in terms of size, interior layout (dance floor, adjoining rooms), equipment (sound system, video projection, furniture...) and entertainment. Whatever the nature of your event, we can recommend unique and authentic venues.

Châteaux, charming estates, private barges and yachts, sports complexes, designer lofts and many other exceptional venues are available for your event.