Team building 4x4, Quad or Classic Car, Rally Incentive

SOP Events organizes incentive and team-building trips for groups (from 5 to 45 people) based on motor sports in France and abroad: 4×4 team-building, quad team-building, snowmobile team-building or classic car incentive rallies... Interactive and exclusive team-building activities to get team members, customers, staff or colleagues working and communicating. Whether in the form of a discovery rally or an orienteering race, on country roads, in the forest or in the city, these incentive activities are supervised by professional teams in the most natural and idyllic of settings.

The different motorized team building activities:

- Team building quad :

Easy to handle, the quad is a means of locomotion between the car and the motorbike, an all-terrain motorized vehicle and not covered. The team building quad activity takes place in a particular place (estate, forest, paths...) and generally lasts from 30 minutes to 3 hours maximum. In most cases, the team building quad starts with a briefing on the techniques of driving a quad. After this briefing, you will go on an adventure accompanied by professionals.

- Team building 4×4 :

During this activity, you will take turns driving (4 people per 4×4, the drivers pass the wheel to each other at certain points). Generally, you will start with a 4×4 ride on country roads in order to get familiar with 4×4 driving. Later on, you will go on more and more technical roads. You will be surprised by the size and power of these small machines.

- Team building 2cv, team building classic car :

In the form of a discovery rally without a test, you will leave at the wheel of legendary cars to criss-cross the most picturesque roads of France. The classic car team building activity can be punctuated with gourmet and cultural stops (wine cellars, markets, breeding farms, gardens, viewpoints, landscapes, parks...). A unique experience that will leave a lasting impression! 

- Incentive rally :

Unlike a classic team building in a car, during an incentive rally the participants are provided with a road book made of enigmas, historical and cultural references. They will have to orient themselves with the help of a map and a compass, go through obligatory passages and take pictures of certain points of view in order to advance and win the tests. This activity is strongly focused on the cohesion of your teams. 

- Company driving course :

Formula 3, Formula Renault, classic cars, 4×4, Subaru, Porsche or Ferrari... participants can take part in a driving course on a track or circuit. An exciting day out, supervised by experienced, qualified instructors. A corporate driving course open to all levels!

Where to organise a 4×4, quad, 2cv incentive trip?

The choice is yours: France, Andorra, Spain, Switzerland, Germany... Discover the joys of a 4×4 incentive holiday in the Bardenas Desert (Spanish Basque Country), a snowmobile incentive day in the Pyrenees, on a quad or buggy, a 2CV incentive rally departing from Toulouse, a driving course on the Albi circuit or even a first flight in a plane or helicopter!

Not all our motor sports team building offers are available online, so don't hesitate to ask us for a personalized quote