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Virtual reality animations

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  • Price from 47 € EXCL. per person
  • Calculated on the basis of 50 people
  • Duration of stay ½j
  • Possible package from 20 à 100 people

Price varies according to the number of people

Job description: Virtual reality animations

Immerse yourself in the immensity of imaginary worlds thanks to our virtual reality animations! To energize your party and dazzle your guests, discover our different virtual reality animations: Wingsuit, VR platform, VR motorbike and sled, helmets with many games!

Duration: 4 hours

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Virtual reality animations :

We propose several types of virtual reality animations to be set up during your company party:

-Virtual reality headset: Equipped with the latest professional virtual reality immersion headset, you will be able to try out different VR games of your choice (Everest climbing, underwater exploration, dinosaurs, zombies, space exploration etc.). A screen is available to broadcast the game live. Animation possible for 2h, 4h or 6h. Animator included.

-Dynamic Eggs: With this 9D interactive seat, experience a total immersion in the virtual world. You will be comfortably installed in an interactive seat in the shape of an egg shell, a film will be projected inside the glasses completely enveloping your view. The sensations will be multiplied tenfold and you will be able to travel through different themes proposed: roller coaster, underwater world, space etc. Animation adapted for all ages. Virtual reality stand with two seats.

-Moto Racing VR: Get ready for a thrill with this animation! Put on the VR helmet, sit on the motorbike and this engine will instantly transport you to many car racing scenes. Go faster and overtake the other riders to cross the finish line first, you are the motorbike champion! Duration of a game: 8 minutes. Maximum performance time: 6 hours.

-VR sledding: Get ready for a thrill ride! A sensational ride on a sled.

-VR sensation machine: Thanks to this articulated, vibrating platform and videos with beautiful graphics, you will feel the extreme sensations. Ride a BMX down a steep hill, a snowy track, a rushing stream, a jet ski race, a roller coaster and many other scenarios that will immerse you in the world of virtual reality. The innovative approach allows the user to see 360 degrees around them. In addition, the simulator's platform reacts to the body's position in space and allows the game to be controlled.

-VR platform: 3 players positioned on a 3m diameter swivel board compete in 3 virtual reality games with different themes. The immersion is total, the realism striking and the quality of the images spectacular. The score of each player appears after each game which lasts about 6-7 minutes.

- Wingsuit : Who has never dreamed of flying like a bird or making a parachute jump without leaving the ground? The wingsuit allows you to do so with 4 extraordinary adventures that will allow you to fly over forests, lakes and mountains in osmosis with nature. The half-wings on either side will allow you to control the movements of the simulator in order to turn right or left. A face fan will amplify the feeling of descent for a total immersion.

The price indicated for this package is the price of the VR Platform based on 50 people. Prices for virtual reality animations vary according to the duration and equipment required. Please contact us for more information.

To obtain a price for virtual reality animations with a lower or higher number of people, please contact us.

Details of the offer : Virtual reality animations

The price includes

- The VR Platform activity.
- A facilitator.
- All necessary equipment.

The price does not include

- Rental of the premises.
- Meals for the animators.
- Personal expenses.
- Any service not mentioned.


- Rental of the premises.
- Meals for the facilitators.
- Lunch or dinner.
- Meeting.