A snowshoe hiker during a team building event in the snow

Snow Team Building, Snow Incentive

SOP Events organizes your snow team-building or snow incentive holiday - a real treat! Breathe in the pure mountain air and explore the magical scenery of the Pyrenees, the French Alps and the Swiss Alps. We also offer snow activities in Canada or Finland, with a multitude of corporate snow activities. SOP Events offers a wide range of team-building activities to energize your company while stimulating team spirit and strengthening bonds between your employees. Our "team building snow" activities will enable your employees to cultivate their ability to work as a team. Snowshoeing, sled racing, snowmobiling, skiing, biathlon challenges... discover all our offers for a unique and convivial stay in the snow. Don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements. We'll send you a personalized quote within 48 hours, so you can choose the service or services that suit you best.

What is the objective of a team building in the snow?

Team building is a process of developing collective values within a company, such as cohesion, interdependence and involvement, while at the same time being fun for everyone. The snow brings a magical touch to it, so the participants are more open and receptive.

The aim of team building in the snow is to achieve team cohesion through outdoor activities. Some events require multiple skills, which helps participants understand that each individual can contribute his or her ideas and know-how to the team, and that the team can't move forward without everyone's skills. It's a way of making participants understand, through play, that everyone in a company is important, from the manager to the warehouseman, it's a chain where each link contributes to the smooth running of the business. Team building in the snow is a way of strengthening team cohesion, mutual aid and solidarity between participants, and pooling everyone's skills (intellectual and physical) to achieve a single goal. 

The different snow team building activities :

Depending on what you're looking for for yourself and your team, there's a wide range of activities on offer for novices, initiates or sports enthusiasts. You can opt for dog sledding in the forest, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or snowmobiling. Try your hand at avalanche research, igloo building, skiing down snow-covered slopes or join a group for a snow rafting trip.

For a more festive snow team building, you can opt for a ride on a ratrak (snow groomer) up the slopes for a private company dinner. Discover the local specialities in France or abroad and then relax in the spa and balneotherapy centres to enjoy the natural hot water baths. The more adventurous can discover another world with ice diving! The more athletic can even take a heli-ski for an off-piste descent, accompanied by a local guide... Strong sensations guaranteed! 

Depending on your wishes, your budget and your availability, we offer you unique days and a multitude of team building activities in the snow, with the possibility of organizing a seminar in the snow, on site, with or without accommodation - the choice is yours. A team-building activity fits in perfectly with the seminar concept, allowing participants to enjoy a well-deserved moment of relaxation after studious work meetings. It's essential to give employees the opportunity to get to know each other better. A better understanding of each other within a team helps to improve productivity. 

Where to organise your snow team building?

A multitude of choices are available for the organisation of your next team building in the snow: French Pyrenees, Spanish Pyrenees, Andorra, Alps, Switzerland, Finland, Canada...

Not all our offers are online, contact us via our form or by phone on 05 34 391 392, we will send you a detailed quote according to your needs and specifications.