Team building Adventure

SOP Events offers you team building adventure packages with a wide range of sporting, recreational and cultural activities and challenges, enabling participants to experience thrills and spills while having fun. These activities are sure to leave a lasting impression and, above all, promote team spirit, creativity and solidarity by combining games, adventure and nature. And there's no doubt that teams will emerge transformed from these adventures! It's the ideal time for managers to send a strong message to their staff and motivate them. You can also combine a team building activity with a company seminar, allowing your staff to take a relaxing break after work meetings. What's more, team building adventure activities are ideal for strengthening cohesion, since they involve uniting everyone's efforts and surpassing themselves to overcome challenges and win together. 

What is the objective of a team building adventure?

The objective of a team building adventure is to give your employees an experience outside the professional context, to learn to live together to better develop the company culture and the exchange of experience, to strengthen the teams, to improve listening and synergy, and even to integrate a new recruit. Your team will be in a situation of cooperation, stress management and solidarity in order to achieve a common goal.

Most team building activities combine an adventure day with a convivial lunch or dinner to share emotions and debrief the day. You can also combine team building activities with a seminar.

The different team building adventure activities:

SOP Events offers a wide range ofteam-building activities in the heart of nature, supervised by qualified guides. Choose a hike

Quad biking in the forest, rafting or canyoning, take to the skies in a hot-air balloon, experience an unforgettable moment with a parachute jump or a free-fall simulator, climb and move through the trees on arope course, explore a rural world along rivers or become your team's Jack Sparrow on a treasure hunt. Other activities include mountain biking, horse riding, obstacle clearance, abseiling, caving, kayaking, via ferrata... We can combine several team building adventure activities in a day in the form of mini-raids, or experience an intense day at the heart of the action.

All our adventure team-building activities include a personalized welcome for your group, full equipment for the activity and at least one qualified operator to support your group throughout. Numerous options are also available for the roaming version. We manage project construction, production and completion. 

How do you choose the right team building adventure activity? Where to go?

It depends on the activity chosen, but all our team building adventure activities are calibrated so that both sporty and less sporty people can go on an adventure without any physical constraints. These team building adventure activities will allow the participants to live strong sensations and to exceed their limits while discovering magnificent landscapes: in France, Spain, the United States or other cities in the world... The beauty of these landscapes offers an ideal framework for a team building adventure stay.


Not all our adventure team building offers are online, contact us via our form or by phone on 05 34 391 392, we will send you a detailed quote according to your needs and specifications.