Woman relaxing on a deckchair by the pool during a wellness team-building event.

Team building Bien-Être, Incentive Bien-Être

Boost your teams and give them energy! SOP Events offers half-day, full-day and weekend wellness team-building, thalasso team-building, spa team-building and balneotherapy in France, Andorra, Spain, Switzerland... as well as in other countries around the world. For a company, it's one of the best ways to improve the health, mood and productivity of your employees, while strengthening the bonds between them! Relaxation optimizes concentration and, in the long term, contributes to the team's well-being within the company. A wellness team-building or wellness incentive is also a way of rewarding your teams and showing them recognition for the work they've accomplished over the year. Send us your request via our contact form, and one of our consultants will contact you to provide further information and prepare your quotation, which you will receive within 48 hours.

The different team building activities :

SOP Events offerswellness team-building and wellness incentive packages for groups (from 5 to 100 people) wishing to enjoy a moment of relaxation or combine work and relaxation during a seminar, for example. Ayurvedic massage, shiatsu massage, flower baths, balneotherapy, foot reflexology session or body scrub... the choice is yours. SOP Events offers tailor-made packages for awellness incentive in the heart of nature, by the sea, on the ocean or in the mountains, in a privileged environment.

What is the objective of a wellness team building?

The aim is to present activities that are accessible to everyone, whatever their level in the company, including managers. 

These zen team-building stays are designed to motivate a team, strengthen cohesion within the group and increase productivity. Relaxation enhances our attention span, allowing us to be more effective and serene in the workplace. A wellness team-building program helps to increase alertness, better regulate emotions and tensions, and reduce stress. Organizing a wellness team building event can help companies underline their commitment to a better quality of life at work. 

Combining wellness and incentive activities:

Today, the trend in management and team building is to offer collective activities dedicated to the well-being of employees, combined with a cultural or discovery incentive, or in the form of an orienteering rally or treasure hunt. 

SOP Events offers a wide range of optional incentive activities: treasure hunts, rallies, cultural visits, rafting, hiking...and much more! Don't hesitate to contact us for a personalized quote

Replicating this feeling of well-being at work:

During these wellness team-building sessions, you'll learn breathing exercises that promote a state of cardiac coherence, enabling you to understand the links between heart, brain and breathing. We call this "Do-In". A relaxing Japanese massage art for any company, also known asself-massage. These are simple gestures to release tension throughout the body linked to your daily routine and relax in just a few minutes in the workplace!

And don't forget, laughter in the workplace is an effective way to avoid stress! Laughter will put your employees in a good mood, and that's always nice!