Employees doing creative team building with color pigments

Creative team building, Artistic team building

Give free rein to your imagination with a creative team building workshop, also known as team building artistique or team building oeuvre collective : paint, crayons, glitter, fabric, paper, drawing... transform your ideas into a masterpiece! Working together as a team to achieve a unique artistic result is the very essence of creative team building , because creativity in the workplace is a real added value for all company employees. Creativity helps to give meaning to action and work, by transforming situations of uncertainty and vagueness into conditions conducive to commitment and action. What's more, it also creates links between employees within the company, allowing them to let their imagination run free. Send us your request via our contact form, and you'll receive a call from one of our SOP consultants to get more information and prepare your quote, which will be sent to you within 48 hours.

What is the purpose of creative team building?

The aim of a creative team-building activity is to create a collective work of art that will leave a lasting impression of cohesion, a memory that you can keep to look back on this wonderful day. Participants in this creative incentive will have to dare to think outside the box and let their ideas flow!

There's no question of competition in the true sense of the word, but rather of creating an artistic performance to experience pure creativity and give free rein to your employees'imagination.


The aim is to create harmony within the group and to act on individual and collective motivation. The creative team building workshop promises many surprises and is also a good way to get a message across while having fun.

The different artistic team building activities :

Various creative and artistic team building workshops are offered, starting with the creation of a fresco, an object or a work of art, the conception of a dish, a wine or the creation of a perfume, the creation of a music video or even the realization of a photo report during a treasure hunt...

Other "creative team building" activities can be organized around music, painting, sculpture, design and fashion. We also offer Christmas activities. Discover a range of activities that reveal great talent! Participants will be inspired by the company's values to create a collective work of art that will leave a lasting impression on the event. Whatever creative workshop you choose, our solutions will be tailored to your objectives, constraints and budget.

Where to organise a creative team building?