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Team building in plants

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  • Price from 24 € EXCL. per person
  • Calculated on the basis of 50 people
  • Duration of stay ½j
  • Possible package from 10 to 400 pax people

Price varies according to the number of people

Description of the offer : Team building vegetal

Would you like to take a breather and create a plant-based work of art with your colleagues? Discover our plant team building and get to work on the most beautiful creation. Between creativity, cohesion, respect for nature and good humour, we guarantee you an excellent moment with your colleagues.

Location: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lille, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Toulouse.

Duration: 1h - 1h30

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Your plant-based team building : 

The possibilities for plant creations are endless and varied. However, we have chosen 3 plant team building workshops that appeal to a large number of people, which are fun and visual.

-The plant fresco: "Vegetate your company's identity". This collaborative workshop allows participants who wish to do so to create a plant fresco which will then decorate your offices or the space of your choice. The plants are stabilised, so the fresco can last up to 7 years without maintenance.
How does it work? Very simple: You start by meeting a specialist craftsman who will guide you through the process and help you discover his know-how. You will then have to choose your plants to be inserted in the fresco. Then you will contribute one by one to make your fresco grow, and this will allow you to have a completely collaborative work! All you have to do is take your decorative mural and place it wherever you want in your premises. Between 8 and 250 participants, up to 10 participants simultaneously. Price depends on the size of the mural.

-Dried flowers: "Create your own immortal bouquet". During this animation, the participants come to compose a small bouquet of dried flowers with a florist. After choosing their flowers, it's time to assemble them: let's get creative! Assemble the flowers according to your taste, or according to a theme defined in advance. You can even create a bouquet in your company's colours and display it in your premises. Between 40 and 400 participants, up to 10 participants simultaneously.

- The little Kokedama: "Make a plant sphere" Kokedama is a Japanese plant art that appeared in the 1990s. This spherical creation always makes an impression because it stands out nicely among potted plants, and it works wonders when suspended in the air. Between 20 and 200 people. Workshop from 20 to 45 minutes. Please contact us for the price.

These team building workshops can take place directly at the craftsman's or at your premises. These workshops are 100% Made in France and are carried out with local professional craftsmen .

To obtain a price for a plant-based team building with a lower or higher number of participants, please contact us.

Details of the offer : Team building vegetal

The price includes

- Dried flowers activity. Please contact us for the prices of the other activities mentioned.

The price does not include

- Room or space rental: consult us


- Possibility of organising a meeting and a meal before or after the activity: consult us.