Company event evening

Company evening game police investigation, giant Cluedo

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  • Price from 32 € EXCL. per person
  • Calculated on the basis of 30 people
  • Duration of stay ½j
  • Possible package from 10 à 100 people

Price varies according to the number of people

Offer description : Police investigation game

During this company evening, a police investigation game, giant clue, your guests will participate in a police investigation with professional actors. Your guests will be spectators at first during this investigation like a theatre scene, but they will be able to participate quickly.

You can complete your police investigation game evening with a dinner at the restaurant of your choice (please contact us).

Location: (Toulouse, Bézier, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Biarritz...).

Discover our offer similar to the offer "police investigation game" animation evening murder party company .

The theatre company :

The professional theatre company presenting this evening's "police investigation game" aims to create and produce shows for the general public, as often as possible in places other than the theatre: restaurants, boats, historical sites, castles, villages, etc. The actors who make up the company have a long experience of improvisation and interactive shows, i.e. more than sixteen years of police investigation shows in restaurants!

The police investigation game / Giant Cluedo :

These are theatre evenings in restaurants where the participants are confronted with a police investigation. One or two actors will be the protagonists of an enigma. The role of the guests will be to conduct an investigation in order to discover the guilty party or parties. To do this, they will have to question the suspects and observe the evidence. The originality of this show will surprise the guests.

Tables of 6 to 8 people, format possible up to 6 actors.

The scenario of your police investigation game :

Fabio (the actor) has been living in the South of France for a year. Since then, he has been coming to the inn for dinner every night. And for a year now, he has been thinking about going back to 1892 to find out who killed his grandfather, and of course, it never works... Except tonight, thanks to the terrible storm that is rumbling outside. And by luck or misfortune, you are in the room... And on top of that, he asks you to help him with the investigation. You will meet many characters, more or less friendly, such as Louis, the whimsical cochet, François the shepherd or even the Mayor.

You will have to interrogate them and consult the many pieces of evidence that good Alessandro has been able to collect so far to try to find out who murdered Father John. An evening full of twists, suspense and suspects!

Practical conditions of your police investigation game:

These shows with a "detective game" plot should be performed in a room with no partition that can hold the entire group. Sound equipment to broadcast a CD may be necessary. Depending on the needs of the scenario, the staff of the establishment will be called upon (period costumes, minimal participation in the game).

The "detective game" evenings are ideal for the end of a company seminar as well as for a birthday or an end-of-year meal. Possible format up to 6 actors.

For a police investigation game with a smaller or larger number of people, please consult us

Offer details : Police investigation game

The price includes

- Animation of a police investigation game (1 actor).
- Travel expenses (1 actor).
- The equipment provided.
- Assembly and dismantling of the equipment.

The price does not include

- Dinner.
- Extra charge for one or more actors (if needed).
- Travel costs for additional actors.
- The cost of one meal per presenter if the animation takes place during a meal.


- Police investigation format possible with up to 6 actors.