What original activities for a summer team building?

Summer brings with it an atmosphere of joy, relaxation and excitement. It's also an ideal time to strengthen bonds within your team and stimulate collaboration. At SOP Events, we understand the importance of creating strong cohesion between your team members. That's why we've designed team building activities especially for the summer season. Discover how our unique activities can transform your summer into a memorable team-building experience.

With the mercury rising over the last few years, the coming summers look set to be very hot! So it's a good idea to organize some summer team building activities to make the most of the warm weather, while at the same time taking care not to get overheated. Whether you're planning a seminar, a conference, an incentive trip or a corporate evening, we've got a range of summer team-building activities to keep your employees happy! Whether outdoors or indoors, we'll rival you in creativity to offer original, fun activities that will leave you with indelible memories.

Don't hesitate to contact us via our website or by telephone on 05 34 391 392. A project manager will be dedicated to your event and will support you throughout the organization process. Tell us all about the specifics of your project, your wishes, your constraints and your budget, and receive a personalized quote with several options within 48 hours. Choose the one that suits you best, make modifications if you wish, and leave the rest to us. One contact, one invoice - and zero stress for you! 

Different types of summer team building

Outdoor activities are the quintessence of summer, offering a natural setting for creativity, communication and fun. SOP Events' summer team building activities exploit this opportunity to bring your colleagues closer together. From playful sports competitions on the beach to team-building challenges in a shady park, each activity is designed to encourage collaboration while enjoying the summer sunshine.

Team building summer corporate tournaments: Challenge your employees with corporate tournaments to boost their competitiveness: wood games, pétanque, molky, Koh Lanta activities, Olympiads, sports matches, old-time challenges, etc. By pitting two or more teams against each other, you can let your employees show their motivation and team spirit while taking the pressure off!

  • Team building summer water activities: rafting, kayaking, canoeing, blob jumping, canyoning, via ferrata etc. There's nothing like water activities to refresh and unwind with your colleagues!
  • Team building summer indoor activities: escape game, vintage arcade games, murder party, do it yourself activities, colorful brick-building games, etc.
  • Team building summer car rally: 2cv rally, 4×4 rally, electric car treasure hunt in France's most beautiful villages, and many other activities combining sightseeing and driving.
  • Team building summer walks and orienteering : Discover or rediscover a town or region thanks to our many team building summer walks. During the course of your activity, you'll be able to take on a variety of challenges, and discover places you never knew existed.
  • Team building summer culinary activities: cocktail creation, cooking classes, etc. A fun, gourmet activity that's sure to please your employees and/or guests.

Team building incentive beach

Want to enjoy the sun? Enjoy tapas/barbecue meals on the beach, followed by team-building activities for your team.

This activity not only fosters cooperation, but also allows each member to shine thanks to his or her unique skills.

Treasure hunt, lunch and canoeing incentive

Offer employees, collaborators and customers a day of treasure hunting in the morning, lunch in a riverside restaurant and an afternoon canoe/kayak trip to the heart of the Confluence Garonne Ariège Nature Reserve. 
Two images in one, with a person playing a treasure hunt on one side and a person canoeing on the other.
Surfer on the beach watching the waves

Summer team building activity in the Basque Country

SOP Events offers you a range of activities in the Basque Country for your company, sports activities to enjoy on the beach in Anglet, Bayonne or Biarritz: surfing, Basque pelota, rugby, urban rally, Basque games ...

We can also put together full-day packages with a morning activity, lunch and an afternoon activity.

Team building day: private cruise and lunch on a catamaran

Spend the day on a catamaran with your employees and customers, departing from Palavas-les-Flots (Montpellier). A day aboard a catamaran, including a private cruise, navigation along the Mediterranean coast and lunch on board.

A catamaran on the sea

The VW Combi Rally is the ideal activity to combine the discovery of extraordinary landscapes with team spirit. Experience a unique treasure hunt, a fun car ride in Provence-Alpes-Côtes d'Azur. Take advantage of this beautifully tailored activity to (re)discover the joys of driving a classic car.

Summer Team Building: find yourself, reconnect, recharge your batteries

For more in-depth team building, our summer team building events offer a unique opportunity to relax while consolidating professional relationships. Set in a pre-selected picturesque location, our tailor-made events include team-building activities, group brainstorming sessions and informal leisure time. Team members will have the opportunity to share experiences, discuss objectives and strengthen mutual understanding. 

Summer is a time for refreshment and renewal, and there's no better time to revitalize your team with summer team building activities. At SOP Events, our commitment to team building goes beyond fun; we aim to create experiences that leave a lasting imprint on professional relationships. By participating in our outdoor activities, culinary workshops and summer retreats, your team will emerge not only stronger, but also more connected and motivated than ever. Turn this summer into an unforgettable team-building adventure with SOP Events.

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