Product launch evening

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What activities should be organised at a product launch party?

A successful product or new brand launch party is a real challenge. The stakes are high, both for the product itself and for thecompany that markets it. There is therefore no room for amateurism.

With this in mind, event agencies are now offering their corporate clients tailor-made services. Originality and creativity are the key words of these evenings which go far beyond a simple presentation of products.

Original activities for a successful product launch party

Agencies specialising in events, such as SOP Events, offer activities based on specific themes. An escape game evening, followed by a salsa or other dance class, and a tapas dinner or other specialities. This type of evening is divided into three parts:

- The first one is a game time, during which the guests have to escape from a room in which they are locked in a specific time.

- In a second step, a group salsa or other ballroom dance class will allow you to learn the basic steps, while having fun.

- And the last time is devoted to tasting.

In a completely different style, even more lively and funky, a cocktail party combined with a DJ Truck animation. The first advantage of such a company event is the number of possible guests. Mostly outdoors, you can welcome a large number of guests. The animation takes place on board a Land Rover 4×4 Defender, which can go absolutely anywhere. Finally, it requires a minimum of installation for a maximum effect. The cocktail party is organised, as is the DJ entertainment, by theevent agency. This relieves the client company of all logistical concerns.

In contrast to the two previous events, a product launch evening, with a dinner and simulator entertainment, was held. It is a reception where the guests are seated. The evening consists of a time for the dinner and a second time for the animations on simulators. This takes place under the guidance of professionals. The guests can try out ski slope simulators, rally simulators, shooting simulators, radar simulators and many others. The principle today is to combine business with pleasure.

However, it should be noted that depending on the product or brand you are launching, one type of event may be more appropriate than another. In this respect, the events agency also plays an advisory role with its corporate clients.

Some suggestions for your next product launch party

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Designing and organising a product launch event

A product or brand launch party is not only a way for a company to communicate about the product or brand it wants to introduce, but also about all the products it offers. It is therefore a time to make a mark and to convey its values to the public.

The entertainment for the company party should therefore be chosen with care. Whether it's a sit-down or a stand-up cocktail party, the type of activities offered should take this into account. You can also design a theme evening. And so organise your entertainment around the one you have chosen.

You will find in this article some examples of particularly original animations for your product launch parties.