Top 10 unusual locations for your seminar!

Would you like to organize an original corporate seminar? Here's the atypical seminar venue that's sure to surprise your staff! Have you ever thought of organizing your seminar in a castle, in the clouds, or in a top-of-the-range hotel...?

There are a multitude of possibilities for organizing your event. In this article, we'll help you find the atypical seminar venue that's sure to make a lasting impression.

A seminar table with 12 chairs in the heart of nature

SOP Events is the ideal event management agency to find your atypical seminar venue, whether in France (Toulouse, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Paris, Marseille, Nice, Nantes, Monaco...) or abroad (Spain, England, Portugal, Morocco, USA, Dubai, Asia...). SOP Events manages your entire seminar: room hire, catering, entertainment, activities, accommodation, transport, decoration, security and hostess services, etc. With over 1,500 events organized every year, we can guarantee you quality service providers with whom we've been working for years.

Don't hesitate to contact us via our website or by telephone on 05 34 391 392. A project manager, dedicated to your event, will be with you every step of the way. Let us know the specifics of your project and will provide you with apersonalizedquote within 48 hours.

Choose the one that suits you best, let us know your changes and leave the rest to us. One contact, one invoice - and zero stress for you!

Choose your atypical seminar venue

If you're bored of holding your seminar in ordinary meeting rooms, you're in the right place! Finding the right venue for your seminar is a crucial step in the success of your event. The venue is one of the key elements of your event that will create a pleasant working environment for your employees. Our project managers have tested and selected for you the service providers offering an atypical seminar venue.

1- Cité de l'espace seminar in Toulouse

As a child, did you dream of being an astronaut? This atypical seminar venue will take your colleagues on a journey.

With several rooms to choose from and a range of unique experiences, this unusual venue is ideal for setting the tone for your meetings.

View of a conference room at Toulouse's Citée de l'Espace

2- Pic du midi seminar

For meetings at the summit, join your colleagues at the Pic du Midi for meetings with a breathtaking view of the Pyrenees!

This atypical seminar venue is sure to take your breath away and surprise your colleagues.

3 - Golf & Spa seminar in Perpignan

Enjoy a convivial day out with your colleagues in an exceptional setting.

You'll alternate between meetings, an introduction to golf and relaxation in a spa with heated pool.

A golf and spa hotel

4 - Wine seminar in Narbonne

Opt for a moment of relaxation in a true haven of peace, with a visit to the cellars, a 4×4 activity and a mechoui lunch! This atypical seminar venue is sure to take your staff on a voyage of discovery, with a host of team-building activities nearby.

5 - Luxury seminar in Girona, Spain

If you'd like to organize a seminar in an atypical location for a top-of-the-range seminar, here's our proposal. Stay in a 5* hotel in Girona with easy access to Barcelona.

On the program: meetings, meals in the hotel's refined restaurants, golf/ mountain bike activities and adventure tours in a forest park.

Outside view of a restaurant at PGA Catalunya

6 - Seminar at Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel offers a seminar that's sure to leave a lasting impression. Alternate between meeting sessions, lunches in renowned restaurants, a private tour of the village and a cocktail reception in the private abbey...


7 - Seaside seminar in the Camargue

Escape for a seaside seminar in the Camargue with your colleagues!

This atypical seminar venue offers an idyllic setting for meetings on the water's edge, with a breathtaking view of the harbor, and a host of activities.

View of a hotel swimming pool in the Camargue, with the port just behind.

8 - Béziers seminar in a prestigious château

This atypical seminar venue lets you combine work sessions with unusual activities in a château in Languedoc Roussillon.


9 - Unusual seminar on an island in Bordeaux

Embark on a speedboat to join your colleagues in a corner of paradise between water and nature.

You'll discover architecture and heritage that blend in perfectly with the natural landscape, then enjoy a cocktail reception in the refuge. In the afternoon, take advantage of this unique setting to organize your seminar in the heart of nature.

A barge on the Canal du Midi.

10 - Seminar on a barge with entertainment and meals in Toulouse

Experience a unique moment in this atypical venue for seminars on a barge on the Canal du Midi, ideal for seminars in all seasons.

Onboard entertainment and lunch or dinner available.


Atypical venues: think beyond traditional conference rooms

Corporate seminars are no longer always confined to monotonous, conventional conference rooms. Atypical venues offer a captivating alternative, where innovation and inspiration meet. Whether it's an industrial warehouse transformed into a modern space or a medieval castle renovated to host events, these venues add a unique dimension to your seminar.

Atypical locations have a distinct advantage: they stimulate creativity. By getting out of their usual environment, participants are more inclined to think in new and innovative ways. How about holding your next seminar in an exotic botanical greenhouse surrounded by lush vegetation? Or perhaps you'd prefer an elegant barge moored on a tranquil lake? These locations offer inspiring backdrops for fruitful brainstorming sessions. Atypical locations also encourage informal interaction between participants, strengthening team bonds. Imagine your colleagues gathering around a campfire in a refurbished old quarry, sharing stories and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. These unique moments create lasting memories and help strengthen professional relationships.

SOP Events' expertise for your unusual seminar

By working with SOP Events, you gain access to unrivalled expertise in the search for and selection of atypical venues for your corporate seminars. Our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your objectives and specific needs, then proposes venues that embody the spirit of your company.

When it comes to corporate seminars, opting for an atypical location can make all the difference. Out-of-the-ordinary locations stimulate creativity, strengthen team bonds and offer a memorable overall experience. With SOP Events by your side, you can rest assured that your next seminar will take place in a venue that inspires, innovates and elevates your expectations. Contact us today to transform your vision into an extraordinary event.

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