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Marking the beginning of a new professional adventure is a crucial step for any company. A well-organized inauguration is not only an opportunity to impress your guests, but also to reinforce your brand image. 

At SOP Events, we understand the importance of this founding event, and we do everything we can to make your corporate inauguration an unforgettable moment. Our agency takes charge of the overall management of your ceremony, from catering and entertainment to the choice of venue.

A corporate inauguration not onlyenhances your company's image, but also develops your customer relations through a large-scale event that stands out from the competition. You'll enhance your company's reputation while communicating the purpose of your inauguration. The higher the quality of your services, the more attention you'll draw from your audience.  

A company inauguration is organized to mark theopening of new premises, a store, a restaurant, a new building, or even to launch a new collection of products or services. It's an event of the utmost importance, because it's a way of introducing your company to the public or to your partners, and showing them what you're capable of.

A corporate inauguration is a communication event in its own right, so it's important not to take its organization lightly. SOP Events will organize your corporate opening from A to Z. You'll have asingle point of contact and a single invoice for all your different services.

What services are available for your corporate inauguration?

Whether on your premises, in reception halls, châteaux or unusual locations, we'll be with you every step of the way. Our aim is to create an exceptional event that will leave a lasting impression and reinforce your position as a leader in your industry. A corporate opening has to be spectacular if it is to make a lasting impression. To achieve this, you need to integrate a wide range of services into your event. SOP Events can take care of all kinds of services, including catering, activities, entertainment, decoration, music, the reception venue, gifts and more.

Photo and video mapping

To impress your guests, there's nothing likedisplaying your colors (logo, videos, photos) on the outside or inside walls of your reception venue.

You can combine video mapping on an exterior façade with a show of acrobatic dancers dancing vertically. A breathtaking and original show.

Musicians or DJs

A successful event depends to a large extent on the atmosphere, and therefore on the music played during the corporate opening.

We can provide live bands and singers, or DJs for a more festive theme.

Culinary stand

In addition to classic catering, we can also offer you culinary entertainment with a range of original stands. Ice Roll, coco bar, fruit juice stands, wine tasting...

It adds a touch of originality to your corporate inauguration, and is sure to delight your guests' taste buds!

Virtual reality animations and photobooth

At a time when new technologies are omnipresent in our daily lives, we can't help but integrate elements of these new digital tools into a corporate inauguration. In our catalog, you'll find "classic" virtual reality animations (mask and helmet), as well as some that involve platforms or vehicles specially designed to intensify the experience. Your guests and staff will be keen to keep a record of your corporate inauguration, so you'll need to provide a Photocall in your company's colors, as well as photobooths for self-service use.


A little magic always takes us back to childhood. Thanks to our numerous magicians, energize your evening and take your guests into a world disconnected from reality.

Stage magician, close-up magician or digital magician, choose the service that suits you best and we'll take care of the rest.

Themed company openings

At SOP Events, we firmly believe that the inauguration of a company should not simply be a celebration, but an immersive and memorable experience. To mark the start of your new professional adventure in a unique way, we propose a creative and innovative approach: a themed corporate inauguration. Immerse yourself in an enchanting universe where every detail is designed to reflect the very essence of your company.

The importance of a successful corporate opening

A well-orchestrated corporate opening is more than just a celebration. It's an opportunity to show your partners, customers and employees that your company is ready to meet the challenges ahead. It's also a way of strengthening relationships with your stakeholders and presenting yourself in the best possible light. At SOP Events, we understand that every inauguration is unique and reflects your company's identity and values. Organizing a corporate inauguration requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Our events agency SOP Events puts at your disposal a team of professionals experienced in creating and managing large-scale events. Our personalized approach ensures that every aspect of your inauguration is perfectly aligned with your goals and aspirations.

  1. Lieux d'Exception: One of the first crucial steps in organizing an inauguration is selecting a venue. Whether you're looking for an iconic venue in the heart of the city, or a more intimate setting in the countryside, we have an extensive network of partners to meet your every need. Our team takes care to choose a venue that harmonizes with your corporate image, creating a unique atmosphere for your guests.
  2. Sophisticated catering: Gastronomy is an essential part of any opening ceremony. Our talented chefs develop customized menus, showcasing creative and flavorful dishes that will delight your guests' palates. Whether it's a cocktail reception or a formal banquet, we're committed to delivering an exceptional culinary experience that will be remembered for years to come.
  3. Memorable animations: To bring your inauguration to life, our experience creators prepare entertaining and captivating animations. From live artistic performances to interactive activities, every moment of your event is designed to evoke positive emotions and memories. We'll help you design a varied program tailored to your audience, so that everyone can enjoy the experience to the full.
  4. Coordination and Logistics: Your inauguration day should go off without a hitch. Our coordination team will ensure that all logistical aspects are taken care of, from setting up installations to managing the flow of guests. So you can concentrate on what's most important: making the most of this exceptional day.

We are proud to contribute to your success by orchestrating corporate openings that will leave an indelible imprint on the minds of your guests. Trust SOP Events for comprehensive management that reflects your company's excellence. Contact us today to discuss your inauguration project. Together, we'll create a customized event that will be remembered by all!

Artistic performances during your corporate opening:

Boost your company's inauguration with an original artistic animation that will surprise your guests. You can choose between several entertaining and playful activities. You can also combine several activities on the same evening in different locations within your reception venue.

For an event that runs throughout the corporate opening and in which guests can participate, we recommend the coloring fresco: a fresco of variable size filled with doodle-type drawings (small illustrations and decorations) which must then be colored in to show key words or the company logo (decided in advance with the customer).

For a faster, more impressive animation, our artist can create a speed painting: the artist creates a live canvas in harmony with the identity of your event. For 2 to 7 minutes, the artist uses tools and materials in keeping with the chosen theme. In the same vein, but for a longer duration, there's also live painting: the artist creates a painting in harmony with your event's identity during your evening. You can discuss with the artist beforehand the precise themes you want to appear on the canvas.

Finally, for gifts to your guests or partners, discover the work of art on object animation during which the artist illustrates the universe of your project, your company or the story of one of your collaborators on a bottle of your choice or any other smooth object. 

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