Top 10 corporate Christmas events

The approach of the festive season brings with it an atmosphere of joy, sharing and celebration. It's the perfect time for companies to bring their employees together around festive activities and strengthen team bonds.

Finding the best animation idea for a memorable corporate Christmas may seem like a challenge, but with a little creativity and planning, this task can be accomplished remarkably well.

Christmas stockings hanging from a fireplace wall

Looking for an idea for a corporate Christmas event? We've got just what you're looking for! Find out in this article how to surprise and entertain your colleagues this festive season. Whether you're looking to strengthen the bonds between your colleagues, congratulate them on the coming year, or simply give them a good time, we've got the right Christmas party idea for you.

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The Importance of Corporate Christmas Activities

Corporate Christmas events offer many advantages. They create a welcome break in the usual work rhythm, allowing employees to relax and recharge their batteries. These events also strengthen team spirit by encouraging collaboration and communication between colleagues. Finally, they show employees that the company values their work and cares about their well-being, which can help to increase their commitment and job satisfaction. 

Top 10 Christmas events for your company

If you haven't come up with any ideas for corporate Christmas activities this year, don't panic! We've put together a selection ofdifferent activities designed just for this event. Bring your staff together for a moment of conviviality and sharing, with a Christmas corporate entertainment idea tailored to your company!

In this article, we've selected different types of entertainment to give you maximum choice for celebrating Christmas in your company. We hope you'll find the right idea for a corporate Christmas event to delight your employees. Whether you want to bring your staff together, thank them or entertain them, Christmas is also the ideal time to get your message across and strengthen the bond between your teams.

1. Collaborative Christmas Decoration Workshop

Organize a workshop where employees can create personalized Christmas decorations. From door wreaths to tree ornaments and garlands, this event encourages creativity while adding a festive touch to the office.

2. Thematic Treasure Hunt

Set up a treasure hunt on company premises, with Christmas-related riddles and challenges. This will encourage collaboration and add a dose of excitement to the atmosphere.

Group of people eating popcorn on company premises for Christmas.

3. Popcorn and movie night

Turn a common area into a movie theater for an evening of classic Christmas movies. Offer popcorn and drinks for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 

4. Internal Christmas Market

Create a mini-Christmas market within the company, where employees can sell or exchange handicrafts, sweets and homemade gifts.

Two company employees dressed up in Christmas sweaters

5. Festive Costume Contest

Organize a Christmas-themed masquerade costume competition, whether it's wearing ugly sweaters, dressing up as characters from Christmas tales or decking out in festive colors. This will bring a dose of laughter and fun.

6. Festive Volunteer Day

Encourage the Christmas spirit by organizing a team volunteering day to help a local charity. This could include preparing meals for the needy or collecting toys for underprivileged children.

Young couple of smiling volunteers happy to give a box with toys to donate to the charity center.

7. Interactive Christmas quiz

Organize an interactive quiz focusing on Christmas traditions, facts and anecdotes. Divide employees into teams for a fun and educational challenge.

8. Theme evenings: e.g. the circus

Opt for a Christmas-themed party, whether it's a casino night, a masquerade ball, a circus night or a disco. Let your creativity and imagination run wild for an unforgettable evening.

Santa Claus with children at a company party

9. Santa's visit

For companies with strong values of sharing and community, don't hesitate to bring Santa Claus to your premises! Organize a morning/evening with your employees' children and watch the magic happen. Santa will make the children dream and the older ones smile. Don't hesitate to organize a gift-giving ceremony, accompanied by treats or a convivial meal.

10. Cooking classes

Give your employees the chance to test their cooking skills in a Christmas-themed team building activity. This corporate Christmas activity lends itself perfectly to the celebration of Christmas, as you'll be able to work on the specialty of your choice: Yule logs, gingerbread houses, foie gras... For an even richer activity, offer your employees the Christmas Eve meal formula, which they can then enjoy on site or at home! 

Preparing Christmas meals. Baking gingerbread, decorating freshly baked cookies with icing and putty.

The Secret Santa: an idea before you start your Christmas entertainment

If your employees like surprises, offer them the chance to draw lots! With the "Secret Santa" corporate Christmas animation idea, each employee picks the name of a colleague to whom he or she should give a gift, and receives a gift from a secret colleague who has picked his or her name. We suggest you set a budget for these gifts (e.g. no more than €5) and organize the presentation of the gifts during a Christmas meal or breakfast, for example. It's a great way for your employees to get together and spend some quality time.

In conclusion, finding the perfect entertainment idea for a successful corporate Christmas requires a combination of creativity, consideration for employees' interests and the goal of improving team cohesion. Whether through art workshops, interactive games or themed celebrations, the key is to create a warm, festive environment where employees can connect and create lasting memories. So, here's to your ideas and an unforgettable company party season!