Wine and cheese tasting evening

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  • Price from 25 € EXCL. per person
  • Calculated on the basis of 30 people
  • Duration of stay ½j
  • Possible package from 15 à 60 people

Price varies according to the number of people

Description of the offer : wine and cheese tasting evening

Opt for an evening of wine and cheese tasting with your colleagues. Both gourmet and fun, this workshop will delight your employees with the friendly and educational approach of our two speakers. One specialises in wine, the other in cheese. During this wine and cheese tasting evening, our professionals will teach you the basics and give you the best advice on how to best match them.

Location: In your premises in Toulouse and its surroundings

Duration : 1h30

Rate: calculated on the basis of 30 people

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Your wine and cheese tasting evening

During this evening you will have the pleasure to discover different wines and cheeses carefully selected by our interlocutors for their origin, their taste and their concordance. For each cheese and wine tasted, you will receive a pedagogical explanation for a real discovery tasting! In addition, for those with a sweet tooth, we recommend an assortment of charcuterie and sweet mignardises (optional).

Choose the tasting evening of your choice

During your wine and cheese tasting evening, we offer you 4 wine and cheese pairings on the theme of your choice from our selection. There is something for everyone:

- – Traditional evening A tasty tour of France with the tasting of red, white and sweet wines to match the cheeses of our regions.

- – 100% organic evening The "100% organic" evening : to learn more aboutorganic wines and organic cheeses.

- – Regional evening An evening where the South-West is honoured, with the tasting of Fronton, Gaillac... accompanied by the cheese stars of the area.

- – International evening A trip around the world with an evening of wine tasting from all over the world.

- – Festive evening For special occasions, opt for a tasting of champagne and cheeses to match!

- – Beer and cheese If you want to break the rules of wine and cheese tasting, try a beer and cheese tasting.

Finally, the tasting will be followed by a quiz to distinguish the most committed employees during your wine and cheese tasting evening. As an option, we can offer a gift basket to the winners. If you don't want to make anyone jealous, don't hesitate to give the gift basket to all the participants! This will allow you to offer them all a souvenir of this wine and cheese tasting evening.

Do you have any particular expectations: a cheese you would like to discover for the occasion? A preference for red ? or only English-speaking ? Our staff will adapt to your needs and offer you a workshop that reflects your group.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

To obtain a price for your wine and cheese tasting evening with a lower or higher number of people, please contact us.

Details of the offer : wine and cheese tasting evening

The price includes

- Tasting tray for 30 participants
- Travelling expenses within a 20km radius of Toulouse

The price does not include

- Packed baskets
- Room rental


- Charcuterie and mignardises supplement
- Souvenir baskets
- Possibility to animate the evening in English