Company tasting: honeys, olive oils, coffees, mineral waters or chocolates

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  • Price from 39 € EXCL. per person
  • Calculated on the basis of 20 people
  • Duration of stay ½j
  • Possible package from 10 à 100 people

Price varies according to the number of people

Description of the offer: Company tasting

For your company tasting, discover a unique concept allowing you to associate local products (honeys, olive oils, coffees, mineral waters, chocolates or cheeses) with proposed agreements. Fascinating sommeliers and sensory educators will accompany you during this tasting.

Duration 1h30 to 2h.

Location Toulouse. Also possible in the South-West of France (mileage costs extra). This wine tasting is possible at the venue of your seminar or in a restaurant, a wine grower or a wine shop. We can also suggest some addresses.

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Choose your corporate tasting:

Passionate about taste and specialists in sensory education (the 5 senses), two sommeliers with 25 years of experience will pass on their knowledge and taste discoveries during in-company tasting courses (English possible).

Company tasting: Olive oils

Awaken your senses during an in-house tasting of great olive oils from France, Greece, Sicily and Portugal. Learn about the production methods and the different tastes (green fruity, ripe fruity or black fruity).

Included in the company tasting:
- 6 great vintages of olive oils from Europe.
- A gourmet slate per person (3 original cold bites prepared with the oils tasted).
- Tasting booklet.

Company tasting: Cacaos

Discover chocolate in a different way than in bars and learn about it during an in-company tasting of unique and intense vintages from all over the world, from 50% to 99% cocoa, accompanied by wines that match the chocolate.

Included in the company tasting:
- 6 great chocolate vintages from the 4 corners of the world.
- 2 wines to match the chocolates.
- Tasting booklet.

Company tasting: Honeys

A complex and naturally rich product, each honey is unique according to the flowers the bees choose to gather and contains a wide range of aromas. You will learn the taste secrets and virtues of honeys from all over the world.

Included in the company tasting :
- 8 exceptional honeys from around the world
- Tasting booklet.

Company tasting: Mineral water

Opt for this original initiation of mineral waters from Norway, Argentina, Japan, France, the United States or Fiji and surprise your employees with their qualities and taste.

Included in the company tasting :
- 10 mineral waters from around the world.
- Tasting booklet.

Company tasting: Coffees

For coffee lovers, let yourself be guided by the methods of elaboration and tasting of great vintages roasted by an independent and passionate artisan. You will travel for a few hours through Jamaica, Ethiopia, Brazil and Ecuador.

Included in the company tasting:
- 6 tasted wines from around the world.
- Tasting booklet.

Company tasting: Cheese (supplement 38€ HT/pers.)

Let yourself be surprised by a surprising company tasting between producers' cheeses and combinations such as champagne, wines, beers, perry or even whisky. A way of discovering cheese other than with red wine.

Included in the company tasting :
- 6 great cheeses from producers.
- 6 pairings.
- Tasting booklet.

To obtain an in-company tasting with a smaller or larger number of people, please contact us.

Offer details : Company tasting

The price includes

- The supply of products to be tasted
(olive oil, mineral water, honey, chocolate, coffee or cheese).
- The wine.
- Glassware.
- Napkins.
- Spittoons.
- 1 sommelier specialised in sensory education for 20 people.
- Travel within a 15 km radius of Toulouse.

The price does not include

- Tables.
- Tablecloths.
- Transport of participants.
- Rental of the room.
- Mileage outside Toulouse.
- Overtime for this activity.
- Any service not mentioned.


- Cheese and wine tasting (supplement of 38€ HT/pers.)