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Team building in the arts: develop the talents of your teams

Do you want to develop the creativity of your teams? What could be better than an artistic team building activity! Reveal the talents of your employees while sharing a moment of conviviality. Choose the artistic team builidng activity that will appeal to the greatest number of people among our proposals. In this article, we propose you some playful activities, original to say the least, which will develop thecreative spirit of everyone.

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Why organise an artistic team building?

In the world of work, whether it be in the aeronautical, pharmaceutical, textile or food industry, it is often necessary to organise activities that allow your teams to continue to develop their imagination. This is why we have chosen to present you our selection of artistic team building activities which are very useful in certain situations. More than just a fun activity, this type of activity also aims to develop many skills! It allows your teams to :

- Develop the imagination to think more easily about the design of new products/services for example,

- Bring in new ideas to find solutions faster,

- Reduce stress to enable your employees to be more effective at work and ease tensions...

Artistic team building develops the open-mindedness and skills of your employees. It also offers a moment of relaxation, a real break from the sometimes oppressive daily routine of the working world.

Top 5 artistic team building

1. Team building batucada: music has often been recognised as an effective means of expression. So why not play it as a team? With this activity, offer your teams a new way to connect and let off steam! The result will give you a thrill.

2. Team building terrarium creation: you think you don't have a green thumb? During this activity, your teams will have to roll up their sleeves and be meticulous in order to create their miniature garden. This team building activity will awaken the artistic soul in each of your employees!

3. Team building house construction: challenge your teams with this unusual activity. Offer your employees the opportunity to carry out a major project: a house! This unusual and creative challenge will awaken the imagination of your employees who, with simple cardboard boxes, will build a life-size house.

4. Team building participative fresco: animate your events and create a work of art with your employees! The creation of a fresco is a strong moment of sharing where everyone is invited to participate whatever their artistic talents. This work of art, proof of the collaboration between your employees, will decorate your offices and define the culture of your company.

5. Team building, cook like a chef: for those who wish to see cooking in a different way, we propose a cooking class to learn how to cook like a chef! As a real artistic team building, offer your employees a gourmet interlude to experience as a team!

Our selection for your artistic team building

We offer a variety of team building activities in a turnkey format, allowing you to get ideas and guidance on the activities that would best suit your needs. Please find below our selection of 100% flexible art team building. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

And why not a cultural team building?

After the artistic team building, we offer you a completely different type of activity, with the cultural team buliding! If you want to introduce your employees to new landscapes, while offering them an original moment of sharing, we offer you various options. Discover our Top 3 for your cultural team building:

- Team building treasure hunt: Are you looking for a way to strengthen the bonds within your team while discovering a city and its cultural heritage? This corporate treasure hunt is for you!

- 2CV rally or 4×4 rally: SOP Events offers you a country drive in a 2CV or a 4×4 rally with a visit of places, photos, tasting, lunch and activities!

- Destination Bordeaux tour: enter the Châteaux La Tour Carnet and Cantenac Brown, 3rd Grand Cru Classé, and discover the secrets and techniques of wine making.

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