Corporate children's entertainment

Children's entertainment for your events, at the crossroads of fun and education

Whether it is for a company party at the end of the year or for a Christmas tree, various company children's animations can be proposed. These activities aim to entertain children and allow parents to meet each other. They also allow young people to relax in complete safety, outside the family home. Developing their development means encouraging their encounter with people, situations, places and ways of life other than those of their daily lives.

Children's activities in the company are full of discoveries and broaden their perspectives on the world, on leisure and on play. Materials, tools, cultural and sporting elements, which they do not always have access to, enrich their field of experience.

There is no shortage of ideas for corporate children's entertainment. A set of activities adapted to their entertainment can keep them on the edge of their seats throughout the animation. The clown is a favourite, as is the magician. Crafts, outdoor games, toys to make, holiday decorations, colouring, activities around the sun, outings, zoos and amusement parks are some of the outdoor activities offered to young people.

For days without sunshine or for late afternoons, porcelain painting or inflatable games are ideal company children's activities.

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Children's entertainment company clown

The clown is an essential character in children's entertainment ideas, especially for shows for children. He is a real artist who can act as a mime, magician or balloon sculptor, especially during birthday parties. Children emerge into his playful, magical and comical world to experience a moment of fun and imagination.

The animation can include several numbers (magic tricks, puppets, interactive games, disguises, art workshops, etc.) and can be adapted to various events for a fun and lively party. The show is designed according to the age and desires of the children.

The children will be able to interact with the clown throughout the animation. Some will be able to transform themselves into clowns and act alongside the artist.

Children's entertainment company inflatable games

Indoors or outdoors, the children's entertainment ideas inflatable games are perfect for entertaining the youngest, the middle and even the oldest! You choose the number of inflatables you want, the theme, the location (outside or inside) and SOP Events takes care of the installation and the entertainment. An original idea to entertain everyone.


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