Team building challenges

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  • Tarif a partir de 60 € HT par personne
  • Calculé sur une base de 25 personnes
  • Durée du séjour ½j
  • Forfait possible de 10 à 1000 personnes

Tarif variable en fonction du nombre de personne

Description de l'offre : Team building challenges

Take up the 12 challenges with your employees thanks to this team building challenges. You will have to show logic, common sense and craftiness in order to win the trial in the allocated time ! This team building challenges is a combination of strategy and fun, in a friendly atmosphere.

Place : Toulouse (other cities are possible)

Duration : 2h

Rates : Based on 25 people.

Your team building challenges

Inspired by a famous TV show, this team building challenges is organised by group. Your team has to win the maximum number of trials throughout 12 challenges, in an allocated time.  Are you going to take up the master time challenge ?

Jenga : in turns, the participants will pull a part of the construction out. The participant who makes the structure fall loses.

Mystery jar : the participants have to find the object in the jar only with the sense of touch.

Sticks : in turns, the participants will pull 1 to 3 sticks out of the game. The one who pulls the last stick out loses.

Heavy hand : 2 participants deal with a weight single-handedly. The team will be able to add a weight if they wins the surprise trials. The one who touches the thread loses.

Archimedes : in turns, the participants will put a piece in a floating bowl on the water. Whoever leaks the bowl loses.

Destiny dices :  The participants throw a dice one or two times and try to draw closer to the number 8 without exceeding it. The one who draw the most closer wins.

Cotton bud : on a narrow beam, the participants will face with 2 giant ‘’cotton bud’’. The one who falls of the beam loses.

Bravery challenge : the participant will name a champion among them who must finish his plate without seeing it…

The gutter : the participants have to recover water and transport it throughout a gutter, in order to move back up the float which have the victory key.

The mystery of the riddle : the participants have to answer to 10 riddles in an allocated time.

Hammer : In turns, the participants will hit a nail in order to sink it in an wood piece. The last who hits the nail and totally sinks it wins.

Mastermind : 2 participants have to memorize a colour combination and try to reproduce it. The other participants must find the different ball of colour in order to give them the good one.

Costume and accessories will be required during your team building challenges ! Choose SOP Events for an unforgettable team building challenges.

> In order to get rates for your team building challenges, with a lower or higher number of participants, contact us.

Détails de l'offre : Team building challenges

Le prix comprend

- 2 instructors,
- Challenges creation,
- 12 different challenges.

Le prix ne comprend pas

- Place rental,
- All non-mentioned services.


- Place rental,
- Transport,
- Catering,
- Meeting,
- Accommodation.