Sporting event organization

SOP Events is specialized in sporting event organization in France, in Spain, in England, in Ireland, in Italy, in the United Arab Emirates, in the United States… In order to share an emotional moment with your client, to share your values or just enjoy a pleasant time with your co-worker, our team can manage your sporting event organization. We take care of everything for your sporting event organization, from the transport to the accommodation by the way of the catering and the tickets booking. Moreover, we put a VIP service in place, to give you, your guests and your co-worker the possibility of spending a very special moment. SOP Events takes care of every formalities to let you enjoy your event peacefully. Football, basketball, handball, Formula 1 race, rugby, golf and many various sports are available for you. You can send us your request and we will send you a custom-made quote. Lire la suite