Business Reception

Original business event: cocktail dinner and entertainment with DJ truck

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  • Tarif a partir de 45 € HT par personne
  • Calculé sur une base de 70 personnes
  • Durée du séjour ½j
  • Forfait possible de 70 à 2000 personnes

Tarif variable en fonction du nombre de personne

Description de l'offre : cocktail dinner and entertainment with truck DJ

During your original business event, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an evening with your co-workers or clients. You will take part in an elegant and trendy event with a cocktail reception and musical entertainment by a DJ on a Jaguar Land Rover 4×4!

Place: Southwest of France (Toulouse, Bordeaux, Cannes, Marseille, Biarritz, Carcassonne…)

Duration: 4hrs.

Number of participants: from 70 to 1 500 people.

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Proceedings of your original business entertainment

Make an appointment with your guests at the location of your choice (your outdoor offices, in a park, an estate…) for your business event.

Your DJ truck entertainment:

This entertainment with a 4×4 Land Rover Defender 110 will allow you to surprise your guests by organising your business event in the most unthinkable and unusual places. Once the DJ arrives at the place of your party, the set-up is done very quickly. One minute is enough to open the roof of the 4×4 so that the DJ control room, sound, light and smoke machine are operational. A totally independent concept and without any technical constraints!

During this unusual evening, you can also opt for covering, an innovative poster technique. The aim is to use parts of the 4×4 to place magnetic posters of your company (logo, new product or service, important events of your company…) that the guests will see throughout the event (please contact us).

Your cocktail dinner:

Organised by us, this cocktail dinner will be organised around 16 pieces: cold, hot and sweet pieces as well as drinks.

Example of a cocktail dinner:

The pieces of your cocktail dinner are changed regularly according to the season and the fresh produce of the moment. Discover below an example of a cocktail reception:

With foie gras (2 pieces per person):
Foie gras candy, chocolate shell and red fruit jam, half-baked foie gras with Armagnac on its fruit bread, foie gras cube as well as onion jam and gingerbread.

With salmon (2 pieces per person):
Crepe rolled with sliced smoked salmon, Saint Moret cheese and chives, lozenge of salmon marinated in herbs and smoked salmon on Nordic bread.

Cold savoury pieces (3 per person):

Blue poppy seeds biscuit with Indian style grilled chicken, shrimp with cheese and herbes de Provence, a small cake with mushrooms and homemade smoked duck as well as carrot cream with cumin and roasted sesame seed. Also, cod rillettes and granny apples and celery cream, wholegrain mustard.

Hot casserole in a box (about 4 pieces per person):
Scallops fricassee, risoni, chicken wok with Thai sauce and small vegetables, coriander and sesame.

Sweet pieces (4 pieces per person):
A selection of macaroons, Bordelaise canelé, homemade brownie, vanilla cream and speculoos crumble. As a complement, raspberries, exotic crusty and salted butter caramel treat.

> In order to get a quote for this cocktail dinner with DJ truck, with a lower o higher number of people, please contact us. 

Détails de l'offre : cocktail dinner and entertainment with truck DJ

Le prix comprend

- DJ Truck entertainment (4 hours).
- The presence of a DJ (driver and technician).
- The necessary equipment for the DJ Truck entertainment.
- The DJ's transport costs (50km included).
- The cocktail dinner, 16 pieces per person.
- The setting up of the topping.
- The setting up of the buffet decoration.
- Rental and cleaning of the complete glassware.
- Professional service (1h30).

Le prix ne comprend pas

- The rental of spaces.
- The DJ's transport costs (over 50km).
- The hours of the professional service of the cocktail dinner (extra charge).


- Magnetic point-of-sale advertising on the hood, door or side openings of the 4x4.
- Accommodation.
- Transport.