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Musical team building with a real orchestra

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  • Tarif a partir de 90 € HT par personne
  • Calculé sur une base de 200 personnes
  • Durée du séjour ½j
  • Forfait possible de 50 à 1000 personnes

Tarif variable en fonction du nombre de personne

Description de l'offre : musical team building

SOP Events offers your a musical team building workshop (also called musical team learning) and a top of the range cocktail dinner! The participants will be thrilled by the rhythm of an internationally renowned musical orchestra.

The aim of this musical team building is to compare the work of an orchestra, a real micro company, to the activity of a company. An orchestra, as well as a company, must be structured and hierarchical in order to find the perfect harmony and increase the group’s performance. The participants of the musical team building will thus understand that each individual in a group is important. The slightest false note can destabilise a project, hence the importance of true team cohesion. The concert is equivalent to the completion of a project for the company.

Duration: 2 hours entertainment + cocktail

Place: Pau (France).

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Proceedings of your musical team building

The musical team building activity is composed of a little conference on the main musical themes, a musical quiz, a little private concert and a private cocktail dinner. A real moment of cohesion.

1st part of of your musical team building: the conference

The artistic domestic will be doing a conference on music and the main composers. He will be explaining then the functioning of an orchestra, its structure and its hierarchy.

2nd part of your musical team building: the quiz

Your co-workers will be participating in a musical quiz and will have to recognize pieces of music and tunes they know. This fun activity is a great tool for intergenerational integration for a company.

3rd part of your musical team building: the private concert

To finish this musical team building, the orchestra will be playing to you for 25 minutes.

Proceedings of your cocktail dinner

The cocktail dinner will take place at the end of the team building on a magnificent terrace with a view over the Pyrenees. A warm restaurant for a quality cocktail dinner with 19 savoury and 5 sweet dishes, wines, mineral water and fruit juices. A bar is also available for a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

Exemple de cocktail dînatoire: duck breast fillet tartar with capers, salmon and mascarpone tartar, zucchini and tomato, avocado and mango tartar. Blinis of red mullet and curry cream, caroline of foie gras with hazelnuts, crab and candied tomato, wrap of fromage frais and arugula. Soup bar (carrot/cumin, tomato/basil, zucchini/fromage frais, mushrooms), grilled foie gras and toasts. Lemongrass scallops, duck skewers, prawns in potato cages, crispy lamb with spices, tiny vol-au-vent with scallops, spicy samosa of vegetables. Selection of macaroons, mascarpone glass with red fruit coulis. Chocolate nougatine glass, financier with red fruits. Drinks: sparkling Cava, Madiran, Grave Respide, Jurançon, mineral water, fruits juices.

> In order to get a quote for your musical team building with a lower or higher number of people, please contact us. 

Détails de l'offre : musical team building

Le prix comprend

- The provision of rooms.
- The workshop is led by the conductor.
- The provision of an application for the quizz.
- The private mini-concert.
- The cocktail dinner.

Le prix ne comprend pas

- Transfer from your locality to the Palais des Congrés.
- Additional drinks (see option).
- Supervision by a SOP Events project manager (optional).
- Personal expenses.
- In general, any services not mentioned in the proposal.


- Coffee break and extra drinks.
- Hostess service.
- Hosting management.
- Supervision by a SOP Events project manager.