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Football business evening

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  • Tarif a partir de 65 € HT par personne
  • Calculé sur une base de 100 personnes
  • Durée du séjour ½j
  • Forfait possible de 20 à 1000 personnes

Tarif variable en fonction du nombre de personne

Description de l'offre : Football business evening

With this football business evening, you will watch your favourite team playing with your co-workers. For your football activities you can have mini electronical football activity, giant table football, a photobooth activity and a dinner, lunch or aperitif depending on the thematic. Big screen as an option.

Place : Toulouse (other cities possible in France or abroad, consult us)

Duration : ½ day

Proceedings of your football business evening

In your office or in the private place you want, from the decoration with the colour of your favourite team to the playful activities organisation, SOP Events manages your 100% football evening. Possibility to organise your football activity indoor or outdoor.

Ease off on the pressure before the real match with the giant baby foot or 2.0 mini foot activity and enjoy delicious savoury or sweet football food. If you want, we can organise a barbecue in a relaxed atmosphere. To keep a beautiful memory of your business evening football activity with your colleague, enjoy the photobooth activity !

Depending on the match hours, we can organise a football lunch, aperitif or evening. The below proceedings of your football business evening are just an example. We organise tailored event according to your requirements, your constraints and your budget. The price depending on the participant number.

Your football business evening menu

Savoury pieces
Chorizo and goat’s cheese crusty
Red meat club foie gras
Polenta olive kalamata macaroon
“Football ball” bread assortment : tomato mozzarella or bagnat bread or Gersois.

Different culinary workshop depending on the match : (for example world cup pool phase)

Australian workshop : Kangaroo burger

Denmark workshop : smoreboard – smoked herring spread

Peru workshop : Aji de Galina –  cheese, chili pepper and peanut cream chicken stew

France workshop : stir fry liver, deglaze with Muscatel

‘’Forecast’’ workshop

Bayonne ham cutting VS Bellota ham cutting

Yellow pepper cappuccino chorizo mousse
Tuna Granny Smith éclair
Stuff tomato d’Antan jar

Course to share
Marinated salmon zucchini eggplant caviar fry buckwheat

Cheese platter

Seasonal fruits assortment

Sweet pieces
Passion fruit mango macaroon
Red berry tartlets

Crêpe Suzette
Bar of chocolate (nougat, praline, pistachio)
Chocolate lollipop

Drinks : beers (draught beer or bottle of beer), still or sparkling mineral water, fruit juice and soda.

The menu for your football business evening can change depending on the season.

We provided and we put the tablecloth and the decoration for the buffet in place (for example fake grass carpet and flags), the waiters outfits (for example football jersey, black pants and apron), the crockery and the glassware, the cooking staff and the service.

Football activity

We suggest different activities to enliven your football evening :

Giant football table (12m x 7m): Discover our giant human-size football table and put yourself in pawns’ place ! Choose 2 teams of 4 players : two strikers and two at the back laterally sliding on bars with only one goal, put the ball in the net. A playful and funny activity !

2.0 mini foot :  The guests will take an iPad and choose a team (from 1 against 1, to 3 against 3 at the same time). Each iPad pilot a robot-player (like a joystick). The aim of the game is to push the ball in the opposing goal (thanks to its robot-player that we pilot from the iPad). Choose the right team strategy in order to win the match.
A referee will explain the operation of the activity at the beginning of each match and he ensure the good proceedings of the match… if not… yellow card or worse… red card ! There will be a timer in order to enable the maximum of people to play. If you want to make this activity a unique experience, we can customize the playground with your company’s colour.

Vintage photobooth : A retro concept in a modern design. We provide an entire variety of moustache, glasses, mouths, hand-drawn hat and cut in plywood of 3mm. Put your moustache on for 3 or 4 pictures and recover your picture in 10s. Moreover, the tarpaulin on the background can be customize with the colour of your company (consult us).

Options :

A giant screen provided + installation,


Indoor or outdoor boules activities

Foot game on console


Decoration and accessories : fake grass, goal for football, wig, costumes…

Room rental

Possibility to organise the evening according to the highlighted country during the match.

> In order to have rate for your football business evening, with a lower or higher people number, you can contact us.

Détails de l'offre : Football business evening

Le prix comprend

- Cocktail dinner or lunch football theme,
- Giant table football activity,
- Mini robot football activity,
- Photobooth activity.

Le prix ne comprend pas

- Giant LED screen,
- Room rental,
- Transport for the guests during the evening,
- All non mentioned services.


- Giant LED screen,
- Room rental,
- Transport,
- Boules activity,
- DJ,
- Foot game console,
- Decoration with thematics,
- Accessories and costumes,
- Customize tarpaulin for the photobooth,
- Barrel of mojito,
- Other activities.