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Business VIP Pack F1 Barcelona Grand Prix

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  • Tarif a partir de 600 € HT par personne
  • Calculé sur une base de 2 personnes
  • Durée du séjour 1j
  • Forfait possible de 2 à 100 personnes

Tarif variable en fonction du nombre de personne

Description de l'offre : F1 Grand Prix

In an exceptional context, share an unforgettable moment with your co-worker and clients during this F1 Barcelona Grand Prix. This VIP Pass included parking, F1 Grand Prix ticket in the main grandstand with access to the Golden area (in front of the departure railing) and in covered grandstand (just in front of the pit lane) with all-inclusive access to catering service, the bar and the lounge.

Pictures © Barcelona-Catalunya circuit

Place : Catalunya circuit

Date : May each year (contact us for the exact date)

Possibility to book 3 days (free practice + qualifiers + Grand Prix), as an option.

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Your F1 Barcelona Grand Prix

The tickets sale for the F1 Barcelona Grand Prix can be for 1 day, the Sunday day of the Grand Prix, or 3 days included free practice + qualifiers + Grand Prix (see the options). You can choose between the ‘’Gold Member’’ package, ‘’Silver Member’’ package or ‘’Tribune G’’ package.

Grandstand I Silver Member :

You will be in covered grandstand, opposite the last bend and at the beginning of the big stand straight line of 1,05km. This magic ‘’Silver Member’’ package will give you the access to the Silver Member Village near the Grandstand I : catering service, bar, all-inclusive lounge (see pictures). You will see the F1 pilot drive to 310 km/h. One of the touching moments is the chicane RACC single-seater which speed up at the maximum to start the main straight line. Moreover the Grandstand I is covered and protect you from the possible inclement weather (rain, sun…). Included parking.

Pass 1 (Sunday) in the Grandstand I, Silver Member : 600€

Main grandstand, Gold Member area :

To feel privileged between the privileged, this package included the main grandstand access the Sunday, with numbered seat and VIP access in the Gold Suit, located at the thirst floor of the main grandstand (see pictures). It is the most emblematic covered grandstand of the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit because you have the opportunity to see the best moments of the race, see the departure railings, the pit stops and the ceremony on the podium. Moreover, you can feel the atmosphere of the main shopping area, where you can find the official products of the team and the pilots. On Saturday and Sunday, catering service and open bar in the Gold Suit. Included parking.

Pass 1 (Sunday) in the Main Grandstand, Gold Member : 900€

Where you can sleep ?

If you contact us, we can give you information about the accommodation during the Grand Prix. We will make a quote depending on your budget (2*, 3*, 4* or 5* hotel).

Logistics and ticket sending :

How and when you will receive your tickets ? The tickets will be sent at the end of November and at the beginning of December. You will receive your ticket from the payment reception by SOP Events. Normally, the delivery time is between three days and one week. There are two kind of tickets sending : e-ticket (until 20 ticket/ order) or printed tickets. If you want your ticket on paper, the price will increase because of the shipping costs (36€). These costs will be payed one time and will be on the first order receipt. In the event of other order will be done, the shipping costs will be included.

> In order to have rate for your business VIP pack F1 Barcelona Grand Prix, with a lower or higher people number, you can contact us.

Détails de l'offre : F1 Grand Prix

Le prix comprend

For the Grandstand I Silver Member (600€ :
- The ticket for the Grandstand ''I'' for the Grand Prix day,
- The access to the Silver Member Village located near the Grandstand ''I'', catering service and lounge,
- Parking space for Sunday.

For the Main Grandstand, Gold Member area (900€ :
- The ticket for Sunday with numbered seat in the Main Grandstand,
- Catering service and Open Bar in the Gold area, located at the first floor of the Main Grandstand,
- Parking space for Sunday.

Le prix ne comprend pas

- Return trip,
- Accommodation,
- Non mentioned meals and drinks,
- The VAT on the ''Silver'' package and ''Gold'' package : 21%,
- Cancellation insurance, assistance, repatriation (consult us),
- All non mentioned services.


- 3 days pass in the Main Grandstand, Gold Member area : 1000€,
- 3 days pass in Grandstand I, Silver Member : 700€,
- Accommodation in Barcelona or near the circuit : 2*, 3*, 4* or 5* hotel (consult us).