Corporate treasure hunt: challenge your teams!

Prices from 

22 € EXCL. VAT per person

on the basis of 

50 people


½ j

Package available from

10 à 350 people

Price varies according to location and number of people

Company treasure hunt

Are you looking for a way to strengthen the bonds within your team while discovering a city and its cultural heritage? This corporate treasure hunt is for you! On the programme, an adventure in the city of your choice with riddles, games and challenges to be faced as a team!

Course of your corporate treasure hunt

Divided into several teams of 4 to 6 participants, each equipped with an investigator's case, try to collect as many clues as possible. Along the way, (re)discover the city's secret, historical and tourist heritage. Connect all the clues collected to solve a detective story.

Scenario for your corporate treasure hunt

At the start of the game, a plainclothes investigator greets participants. He's stuck on solving an investigation. He needs your help! Participants are then divided into several teams. Each team is given an investigator's briefcase. Inside, a logbook and detective's accessories will help them collect as many clues as possible. Then it's off! Participants set off to investigate on their own. As they explore, the city's secret, historical and tourist heritage is revealed. At the finish line, the plainclothes investigator reads the report on each investigation. He then rewards the best of them!

Price includes :

- Choice of treasure hunt activities,
- Host,
- Toolkit with accessories and roadbook.

Price does not include :

- Transport,
- Refreshments,
- All services not mentioned.

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