Top 6 destinations for your business trip

Destinations business trip

Top 6 destinations for your business trip!

Today, more and more companies offer their employees incentive trips, both in France and abroad. This is the perfect way to motivate and congratulate your teamwork. This strengthens the group cohesion and allows the group to forge genuine relationships. A blooming worker is a productive person at work, this is why this incentive travel has positive consequences on the mood and the behaviour of the workers and also on the productivity of the company. A dream trip, two positive effects, only a bonus for everyone. To be really honest, an incentive business trip is an excellent way to communicate. In fact, it increases the capacity for sympathy of your company and allows you to stand out from the rivals. What are you waiting for contact us? The best destinations for your business trip? You can find them following down below.

SOP Events is an events agency specialised in professional events: seminars, team buildings, incentive trips and business reception. We handle your event as a whole and allow you to deal with a single interlocutor and therefore pay a single invoice. Catering, entertainment, accommodation, transport, activity, we take care of everything and accompany you throughout the organisation process.

SOP Events organises your events in France (Toulouse, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Carcassonne, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Cannes…), but also internationally (Morocco, Cyprus, Corsica, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Dubai, Costa Rica…). We create turnkey concepts for you to organise your business trips. We also provide tailor-made services, whatever the specificities of your project.

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Top 6: Best business travel destinations

We offer many incentive trips in France but also internationally. Today, we focus on the international market and list our Top 6. Exotic, cultural richness, pleasant climate, typical gastronomy, varied landscapes… we have gathered all these criterias and have made the following list for you:

6. Morroco: If you want to escape totally, 2 hours flight from Toulouse, we recommend Morroco. From beaches to mountains through the desert, all landscapes are there in this magnificent country and a warm welcome is reserved to you from the locals. The culture is rich and the cuisine interesting, do not miss the opportunity to discover the country of The Arabian Nights. Walkthrough the alleys of Essaouira, let yourself be enchanted by the snake charmers in Marrakech, spend a night in a bivouac in the middle of the desert, visit the many historical monuments of the imperial cities and slowly fall under the spell of this region.

5. Let’s travel around Latin America with one of the most emblematic continent’s country: Argentina. Where to start once you are there? You can start with the famous Iguazu Falls in the north of the country and start your descent to the other natural wonders: the Perito Moreno glacier, Patagonia, the cactus desert, the Quebrada mountains and many others. We can only advise you to stop in Buenos Aires, this vibrant and colourful city, and let yourself be guided by the melodies of tango and the flavours of the best meats in the world. Our « Argentina Business Travel » package includes all these aspects and allows you to discover this country from several different points of view.

4. Thailand: There are several aspects of Thailand. On one side, you can find the hyperactive and « chaotic » city of Bangkok animated from sunrise to the end of the night. You can visit the many traditional temples and experience an unusual market: Damnoen Saduak’s floating market. On the other side, we discover the South with its many islands and beaches and its famous rocks that spring from the sea. Enjoy the culinary specialities (we hope you like spicy), immerse yourself in Buddhist culture, and immerse yourself in the jungle to discover the local fauna and flora.

3. Brazil: Copacabana, coconut, Ronaldinho, does that ring a bell? We discover Brazil with its countless fine sandy beaches and its lively population. We are not going to talk about the Rio carnival, which attracts thousands of visitors every year, or the summer weather all year round, but rather we are going to focus on the incredible nature of this country. From the endless Amazon to the impressive Iguaçu Falls and the swampy territory of the Pantanal, you will be amazed by the natural diversity of the different regions. Feel free to consult our « Brazil business trip » package to discover the programme.

2. Bali: The smallest island in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali attracts the most tourists each year. Beaches, volcanos, forests and rice fields, breathtaking fauna and flora, you will not be disappointed by this paradise on earth. You can visit temples, get lost in the rice fields, and meet locals in isolated villages at first and end your trip with lazing around on the beaches to chill out with your staff. Feel free to taste all the varied and colourful Indonesian culinary specialities, with a special mention for nasi goreng: fried rice with eggs, small pieces of meat and vegetables, or shrimp.

1. South Africa: Direction, the south with this amazing country: South Africa. A strong cultural heritage, a country with a very strong history but also very varied landscapes. Steppes, savannahs, mountains, deserts, beaches, urban areas and small authentic villages are waiting for you during your stay. If you choose our « South Africa Business Travel » package, you will meet wild animals on an unforgettable safari. Nothing is more exceptional than spending your nights in lodges in the middle of nature and animals and continuing your stay by discovering the vibrant city of Cape Town.

The best destinations for your business trip with your co-workers.

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Bonus: best destinations for business trips

Cyprus: At 4 hours flight from Paris, Cyprus is an excellent compromise if you want to get away from it all without having to spend too many hours flying. Half under Turkish domination, half Cypriot, this island is a real paradise on earth. You will find as many rural and mountainous landscapes as sea landscapes. Sunny all year round, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the island’s many beaches and swimming pools but also to try hiking or 4×4 activities in more mountainous regions. When we talk about Cyprus, we cannot forget to mention its cuisine inspired by Mediterranean, Oriental, Turkish and British dishes. Cypriot cuisine uses mainly fresh products from the island (fish, seafood, plants, spices…) and an assortment of mezze, equivalent to Spanish tapas.

Dominican Republic: Across the Atlantic, in the Caribbean Sea, discover this beautiful and colourful island. Hundreds of kilometres of white sandy beaches, continuous sunshine, authentic fishing villages, wild mountains, remote areas, a warm and welcoming population, this is what makes this island so attractive all over the world. For lovers of water sports, Punta Cana will be the ideal place for you, 48 km of beach are available for all types of activities. Experience a total change of scenery on this paradisiacal island and leave with unforgettable memories (and a tan that will make many people jealous).