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SOP Events – Address : 8 avenue Lucien Servanty, BP 40115 – 31704 Blagnac Cedex

In compliance with the articles L.211-7 and L.211-17 of Tourism Code, the measures of the article R.211-3 and R.211-11 of the Tourism Code, of which the text is reproduced below, are not practical for the reservations or tickets selling which are not included in a touristic package.

The website’s pictures and the packages are non-contractual. If you want to do a comment or remove a picture from our website, you can contact us via our form.

The brochure, the quote, the offer and the organiser program are the preliminaries information of the article R.211-5 of Tourism Code. In the absence of opposite measures, which are appearing on the front of the present document, the features, the specific conditions and the travel rates showing on the brochure, the quote, the organiser proposition, are contractual from the registration report signature.

In case of brochure absence, quote absence, program and proposition absence, the present document is, before the buyer’s signature, the preliminary information of the article R.211-5  of Tourism Code. It will be null and void for lack of signature within 24h as from its issue.

In case of agreement transfer, the transferor and/or transferee, must previously pay off the due costs. When theses costs exceed the declared amount in the point of sale and those mentioned in the contractual document, the proof of entitlement will be provided.

SOP Events take an insurance contract out with AXA Assurance which guaranteed its Professional Indemnity.

Tourism Code extract

Article R.211-3 :

On condition that predicted exclusion of third and fourth indents of the article L.211-7, all offers and all travel or stay services sales lead to an appropriate documents’ delivery which are answering to the definite rules by the present section.

In case of air tickets or regular line tickets sales without attached transport services, the seller will give to the buyer one or several tickets for the whole trip, emitted by the transporter or with his responsibility.

In case of transport on request, the name and the address of the transporter, on behalf of which the tickets are emitted, must be mentioned.

The separated invoicing of various elements from the same touristic package doesn’t take the seller to the obligation which are made to him by the required measures of the present section.

Article R.211-3-1 :

The exchanges of precontractual information or contractual condition secondment is done in writing. It can be done by electronic way in the validity and exercising conditions by the article 1369-1 to 1369-11 of the civil code. The name or the business name, the seller’s address and his registration number to the register of the article L.141-3 or, if necessary, the name, the address and the federation or union registration number mentioned in the second indent of the article R.211-2.