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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest reform about the data processing. This reform will come into effect in May 25, 2019 inside the European Union. The GDPR gives new obligations to each company and the opportunity to each consumer to reinforce his rights about his data utilisation.

1- Messaging service, web site :

The only aim of the data collection on our forms (last name, first name, phone number, email, company) is to get back in touch with the client, further to his request. We want to tell you that your e-mail address is used by SOP Events to send you the newsletter only, and we will never give it to another person. Our messaging service is managed by a service provider who saves our data and secures them on different servers in France.

Every quote request or e-mail contact, on our website or by phone and all the personal data that we collect about you or your employees are secured. We have the obligation to give you those data within 24h. For each new contact in our mailing list, we can specify the date when we took this information and its origin. We extend the user consent after 13 months throughout the cookies. Moreover, if a contact is inactive for 3 years, we put a stop to delete him.

2- Cookies :

We use cookies on our website for the marketing data collection. The user can accept or decline our cookies.

3- The forgetting right :

Every user can ask for the information we have about him. In this way, you can ask for the deletion of your data within the scope of the deletion rights (forgetting right).

4- Software :

Our accounting software, flight and hotel booking software, CRM, computers and servers are respecting the GDPR norm.