Gala reception: how to make your event a success?

gala reception

Organise your business gala reception

A gala reception is a chic and sophisticated event organised by companies to celebrate an occasion, present a new project, close a congress or a seminar or join a charitable cause. There are many reasons to organise a gala reception but only one way to make it a success: by using SOP Events! Specialist in events for about ten years, we are able to organise the prestigious event you expect. Many activities, entertainments, a wide choice of caterers, exceptional reception areas and always a single representative. A project manager takes charge of your request and guides you throughout the organisation process, but also during and after the event.

It is important to leave a good impression of your gala reception to your guests and not hesitate to make use of ways to impress them. We are at your disposal to meet all your needs and respect your constraints. We provide you with specific ideas and indications to make you revent as successful as possible. Our hosts and partners are trustworthy professionals whom we meticulously choose. Our goal is to make your event an unforgettable moment and to allow you to impose your leadership status with your competitors.

SOP Events is your event agency specialised in business gala reception (Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Biarritz, Carcassonne, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Monaco, Cannes…). Our agency is also in charge of your abroad events (Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Dubai, Costa Rica….). We create turnkey concepts for you to organise your gala reception. We also provide tailor-made services, whatever the size and specificities of your event. Each element of your gala reception offer is personalised, you can choose the service or services that suit you the best once you receive the quote.

SOP Events: How to organise your gala reception?

A gala reception takes time to organise. To make sure everything is perfect, it is necessary to plan it in advance to be able to find availability for the place and the services you like. We therefore advise you to contact us at least one month before the date of your event.

A gala reception is event better if there is a theme around which the different activities and entertainments or elements of the decoration revolve. This creates a common theme that connects all the elements of the event. Whatever theme you choose, we can make it happen for you. Our team of decorators, entertainers, caterers, artists (dancers, musicians, painter…), hostesses, waiters etc. are at your disposal to create the event of your dreams.

The reception venue is the key element of your event, it is the WOW factor that must be created in the guests’ minds. To do so, we can offer you different choices of reception venues according to your desires: castle, estate, barge, yacht, racecourse, concert hall, art galleries… We can organise scouting so that you can discover the places upstream and choose the one that suits you best. Once the place has been chosen, we will decorate it according to the theme of your event.

A successful event also depends on the quality of the food and the beverages offered. We are always looking for the best caterers who guarantee fresh, quality products, and you can trust us to advise you. If you want to offer your guests different types of dishes, we advise you to organise your reception area with several culinary stands: cold meats, cheese, smoothie bar, ice roll bar, cocktail, workshop, snow bar, coconut bar, oyster bar, wine bar etc. We also take into account the different diets of your guests: gluten-free, vegan, hallal, kosher etc.

Let’s move on to entertainment and activities. This is the heart of the event, if there are no entertainment, your guests may get bored and leave the event earlier than expected! No worries, the SOP team has planned everything to energise your event: music, magic, dance, singing, karaoke, comedy, photobooth, blind test, murder party, illusionist, cartoonists, speed painting, live painting, participative fresco, suspended servers, dancers in water tubes etc…

Feel free to contact us  whatever the event you want to organise, and trust our expertise as professionals!

Business gala reception: some entertainment ideas

Find some ideas for gala events that can go from 50 to 2000 people. All our « gala event » offers are not presented on our website, contact SOP Events via our quote request form or by phone at 05 34 391 392 to get a personalized quote within 48 hours.

Gala reception in France and abroad:

We can offer you to organise your gala reception everywhere in the world. If you want to stay in your city in France, we commit ourselves to surprise you finding you an exceptional reception place: Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Albi, Carcassonne, Narbonne etc. In the countryside, in the mountains, by the sea or in the city, find all types of castles, hotels, estates, cottages, lofts, barges, yachts and many other options.

If you want to get a little further away from your region and get across the border, we can organise gala receptions in Europe: Spain, Andorra, Portugal, England, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Germany… We have partners all over the world who allow us to offer you quality services and tailor-made support.

Finally, if you have always dreamed of travelling to more distant countries, we also export ourselves internationally! Thailand, Dubai, Bali, Dominican Republic, Morocco, United States, South Africa, Brazil and many other heavenly destinations.