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Unusual business activity: dancers in water tubes.

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  • Tarif a partir de 30 € HT par personne
  • Calculé sur une base de 100 personnes
  • Durée du séjour ½j
  • Forfait possible de 30 à 1000 personnes

Tarif variable en fonction du nombre de personne

Description de l'offre : Unusual business activity

Enjoy the unusual activity where you will discover the talent of two dancers installed in water tubes. You can admire their performances highlighted by a play of light. This activity is ideal to enhance your company events around a hypnotic and atypical universe.

Duration: 7 minutes

Place: Toulouse (Also possible in other cities of South-West of France).

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A unique show (exclusive)

At first, you will be amazed by these imposing tubes. Lifted by metal bases, the removable structure is composed of two plexiglass cylinders 1m in diameter by a total of 3m in height. Each of them contains 1400 litres of water and overhead projectors for the staging. Let yourself be surprised by a captivating performance and let your guests discover an extraordinary concept.

The dancers, from a multidisciplinary movement theatre company, create custom-made scenographic inventions that highlight each curve with lighting effects and an adapted soundtrack. Long dress and loose hair, they are introduced into the tubes equipped with oxygen masks to be able to stay immersed for as long as possible.

You will be seduced by this amazing performance combining choreography and immobility, during a 7-minute passage.

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Détails de l'offre : Unusual business activity

Le prix comprend

- 2 dancer-acrobats.
- 2 water tubes
- 2 technicians.
- The assembly and filling of the tubes.
- Transport.

Le prix ne comprend pas

- The rental of spaces.
- Overtime for this activity.
- All non-mentioned services.


- Catering.
- Accommodation.