Business Reception

Business cocktail activity

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  • Tarif a partir de 36 € HT par personne
  • Calculé sur une base de 20 personnes
  • Durée du séjour ½j
  • Forfait possible de 20 à 500 personnes

Tarif variable en fonction du nombre de personne

Description de l'offre : Business cocktail activity

This business cocktail activity is perfect to entertain your guests during your event: gala reception, the inauguration of premises, end of year party… Your guests will be able to create their own cocktails, with or without alcohol, whenever they want to and will have access to the buffet for tasting (Tequila Sunrise, Mojito, Margarita…).

They will also have the opportunity to continue with the tasting of a molecular cocktail (molecular workshop only realised indoors).

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Place: Toulouse and its surroundings (also possible in Montpellier, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Arcachon, Carcassonne, Albi, Gruissan, Perpignan…).

Duration: 2 hours.

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Proceedings of your business cocktail activity

This cocktail activity includes the creation of a cocktail, the tasting of 2 cocktails and then the tasting of a molecular cocktail.

1- Creation of a cocktail

The cocktail will be prepared by your guests who will then be able to taste their own work. In terms of organising of your business cocktail activity, it is possible to set up personalised tickets they will have to give to the host to access the buffet.

2- Tasting of cocktails

Your guests will be able to taste 2 cocktails that they will have free access to. If you want to make this activity funnier, we can offer you a blind tasting to discover the ingredients of the cocktails.

3- Tasting of a molecular cocktail (only indoors)

Your guests will be discovering new taste sensations trying this flavours cloud. This tasting technique was invented by Michelin-starred chefs. It is also possible to do it through a blind tasting.

Equipment at your disposal

You will have specific equipment (cocktail utensils, drinks, fresh fruit, paper tablecloths, glasses) that will be essential during your business cocktail activity. This cocktail activity will allow your guests to have enough basic knowledge to make tasty cocktails once they get home.

> In order to get a quote for your business cocktail activity with a lower or higher number of people, please contact us. 

Détails de l'offre : Business cocktail activity

Le prix comprend

- Cocktail activity by a host.
- The creation of a cocktail per person.
- Tasting of 2 cocktails per person.
- Tasting of a molecular cocktail per person (if indoor).
- Utensils, fresh fruit and drinks.
- Paper tablecloths and glasses.

Le prix ne comprend pas

- The rental of the spaces available for the animation.
- The tables necessary for the installation of the animation.
- The presence of a SOP Events coordinator.
- All not-mentioned services .
- The meal.


- Tasting of fine bubbles flying around gold flakes, a unique and exceptional product.
- Carbonic ice to create a smoke overflowing on the buffet for an original decoration.
- Meals (lunch or dinner).