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Organisation of a company party: discover our know-how

SOP Events is your event agency specialising in organising corporate events in France (Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Biarritz, Carcassonne, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Monaco, Cannes, etc.) and abroad (Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Dubai, Costa Rica, etc.). We have devised turnkey concepts for the organisation of your event, but we can also create tailor-made events, whatever the size and specificities of your project, public or private. Each element of our offer is tailor-made, you will receive your quote within 48 hours and choose the service(s) that suit you. SOP Events manages your entire corporate event (transport, activities, entertainment, catering, venue, etc.).

For the organisation of corporate events, we offer venues suitable for all kinds of activities such as product launches, receptions, corporate anniversaries, promotional events, gala evenings, openings and end-of-year events. We offer a wide range of different providers and activities to make your corporate event even more special for you and your guests.

Escape games, salsa classes, musical entertainment, tastings, flight simulators, casino entertainment, karaoke, blind tests: all these activities will set the pace for your corporate evening and give you an unforgettable experience. Whether on a private barge, in the highest loft in Toulouse, on a yacht on the Côte d'Azur or in a Basque castle, SOP Events, an agency specialising in organising corporate evenings, will ensure that all your needs are met and will create the ideal evening that will delight your employees. We can also offer you atypical entertainment that you will not find anywhere else, such as dancers in water tubes, waiters suspended from the ceiling or even Magic Cooking (magic tricks with everyday food).

Our expertise in organising corporate events in France and abroad enables us to offer you quality service providers, fun and original activities and exceptional venues for your event. Our goal is to make your employees spend an unforgettable evening outside the daily work environment and to offer you a moment of relaxation.

Some figures

As an events agency with over 15 years of experience in the MICE field, SOP Events organises around 1300 events a year. The frequent rhythm of our events allows us to know perfectly the proposed venues and the service providers that accompany us. With more than 120 venues visited and examined by our team and then rated by our clients (client rating for each event organised), we guarantee that you will choose the venue that best meets your expectations and your budget. Each service provider we work with (caterer, entertainer, artist) is also rated by our clients in order to constantly improve our services. Our speakers have an average of more than 10 years experience and are fluent in French, English or Spanish. We also have Chinese, Russian, German, Italian and Portuguese interpreters...

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SOP Events invites you to discover some of our corporate events offers. Not all of our offers are online, so don't hesitate to contact us by telephone on 05 34 391 392 or via our quotation request form to obtain a personalised, tailor-made quotation.

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Organising a company party: our know-how in video

SOP Events will accompany you

Our role is to accompany you before, during and after your event, to understand your expectations and to offer you a quote in line with your budget.

Event organisation

1- Define your objectives together

Before choosing the venue and services, you need to define your objectives: why do you want to organise your company party? For what purpose: to motivate your employees, to thank your customers or to develop their loyalty, to invite prospective customers? Once these objectives have been defined, we can adapt your communication to this target, find out what interests them and define a theme for your evening.

2- Choose the human and logistical resources

Depending on your objectives, we will be able to define together the human and logistical means to be used to prepare your event. To do this, SOP Events has project managers, assistants, webmasters and designerswho will accompany you in the preparation of your event. On the logistical side, it is a question of defining the tools to be put in place for the preparation, communication andsending of invitations. Several options are possible depending on your target, from the creation of a cardboard or electronic invitation to the creation of a website dedicated to the event.

3- Choose the location

The first impression is often decisive, so the location is one of the most important criteria. When your guests arrive, they should immediately be seduced by the location. The choice of venue can be a castle, a public or private estate, a farmhouse, a manor house, a barge, a yacht or a mountain inn... Many places in towns, villages and natural areas are perfectly suited to the organisation of events in the southwest. The venue should be chosen according to the theme of your event and the target group of your guests. Access, parking and travel time for your guests to get to the venue should also be taken into consideration.

4 - Focus on a quick and friendly welcome

The welcome is very important, it reinforces the good image that the guests had when they discovered the place and represents the starting point of your evening. It must be quick, professional and friendly. For this, SOP Events can provide hostesses and digital tablets to quickly register your guests and issue badges if necessary. Our hostesses are all used to managing large numbers of guests (reception and cloakroom). We also choose the dress code to match the theme of the evening.

5- Do not neglect furniture, sound, light and decoration

Choosing a beautiful reception venue is essential, but don't neglect the furniture or the decoration. Depending on the theme of your event, we will suggest the appropriate furniture. The decoration will complete your reception room. Finally, our management team will be able to enhance the whole event with lighting effects and background music.

6- The caterer

A beautiful reception venue, a perfect welcome, decoration and furniture in keeping with the theme, all you need to do is seduce your guests with the catering. To do this, SOP Events will choose a caterer in keeping with the chosen theme. The waiters are managed by the caterer.

7- Choosing providers

Hostesses, sound and light managers, entertainers... all the service providers present during your evening will be supervised by one or more coordinators from our agency who will ensure that your event runs smoothly.


Organisation of a company party

Organisation of a company party : Our services

- Search for locations and scouting.
- Search for service providers: hostesses, caterers, decorations, furniture, sound and light control...
- Proposals for entertainment: artistic, fun, culinary, cohesion or atmosphere oriented.
- Support in the organisation of the event: before, during and after the evening.
- Management of participants.
- Sending and managing invitations.
- Creation of badges.
- Welcoming guests.
- Security management: general security, emergency exits, fire evacuation, car park surveillance.
- Provision of taxis or VTC.
- Management of accommodation.
- Creation of a website entirely dedicated to the event.
- Provision of photographers and cameramen: photo and/or video reports.
- Possibility of creating a 360° virtual tour animation[to view, click here].