Event organisation in South West France

Organising events in the South West: choose a local player

The success and organisation of events in the South West depends on the choice of a good location, the right intensity and the right means, whatever the size and specificities of the project, public or private. Our agency SOP Events based in the south-west in Toulouse is present in all cities including Toulouse, Bordeaux, Biarritz or Montpellier, competing with imagination and originality to ensure the success of the events we organize. We offer tailor-made services in locations that are perfect for hosting all kinds of activities such as product launches, receptions, birthdays, promotional evenings, openings or end-of-year events (Christmas trees).

For an agency such as SOP Events, organising an event consists first of all of prospecting, hiring, fitting out and decorating the places, sites and reception rooms that are to host the event. The choice of setting can be a castle, a public or private estate, a house, etc. Many places in towns, villages and natural areas are perfectly suited to theorganisation of events in the South West .

Professional events are generally organised as a day of relaxation (sports challenge, fun activities, regional discovery, hiking, etc.), an evening event and a reception for staff and clients or a Christmas tree. Local authorities may ask the event agencies for the organisation of shows, festivals or inaugurations.

SOP Events is in direct contact with its service providers: florists, caterers, musical entertainers, photographers, decorators, designers, orchestras and companies hiring sound and lighting equipment. Preferential rates are granted to us allowing us to offer companies unbeatable quotes.

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Some ideas for organising your event in the South West

We have put together some examples of places in the South West where we can organise your event. A start of ideas... for more ideas, contact us!

South West event agency market

Theevents market in France, and in particular in the South West of France, is undergoing a major transformation with the emergence of new players in the field and a demand that is undergoing change.

Companies are always very cost conscious while demanding the best return on investment in a fluctuating event market.

Today, three types of client can be distinguished: companies that no longer organise events, those that organise them themselves and in-house, and companies that continue to use event agencies.

Despite the changes, agencies are still important. Companies are still looking to create links and give meaning to their events. Many of them are still concerned about the impact of their actions on the environment and approach event agencies for their advice and expertise.