Hire of design furniture for events

Design furniture rental for your events: an added value

The success of your event lies in the good organisation of your event and in the satisfaction of the clients/participants. However, you can no longer be satisfied with simply organising your event. Nowadays, the competition is such that it is necessary to stand out from the crowd and bring your own added value through a design furniture rental.

To do this, the SOP Events agency provides you with quality furniture for your events, indoors or outdoors. SOP Events has reliable service providers for the rental of designer furniture and the creation of event spaces. Turnkey or tailor-made concepts are offered, whatever the size and specificities of the project. Project managers will assist you in the preparation and logistics of your event. Finally, our control room will enhance your event with lighting effects and background music.

The first impression is often decisive. When your guests arrive at the venue, they should be immediately impressed. Enhancing your event means giving it style and personalising the surrounding décor with functional, yet stylish and elegant furniture and accessories. Your furnishings must reflect your company's identity. For any request for design furniture hire, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 05 34 391 392 or via our quote request form.

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Different atmospheres

Among the major stages in the organisation of an event, the choice of suitable furniture requires a rigorous selection according to your expectations and the desired atmosphere. During the day or in the evening, for a trade fair, for a themed evening... There are different ways to enhance your event.


Hire of design furniture for events

Depending on the type of event

In the evening, for a product launch, a reception, a company anniversary, a promotional evening, a vernissage or an end-of-year event, we opt for a festive and luminous setting (coloured, white, subdued...).Creating a magicalmoment and dazzling your guests is one of the keys to a successful event. During the day, if your event is a seminar, convention or congress, your furniture will be more standard, functional and solemn in order to maintain a working atmosphere.
For a trade show (or stand), your furniture selection will be defined according to your expectations and the target audience. By offering warm, well-designed and attractive spaces, you increase your chances of capturing the attention of visitors and inviting them to spend time at your exhibition/stand.

According to the theme

Organising themed events is now widespread and companies offer a wide range of adapted furniture. Depending on your budget, you will be partially or totally immersed in the desired universe. Decorations for your garden party, Christmas tree, cabaret, oriental evening or medieval dinner are created especially for these occasions. A way to celebrate in an original atmosphere during your event.

Depending on the style

More recently, high-end and designer furniture rental companies have entered this lucrative niche. Being at the forefront of trends is an imperative in certain sectors of activity such as luxury and textiles.

In the past, the trend was towards a clean style with sober colours. Today, other trends are beginning to make a comeback, such as colour and mismatched furniture. Modern, contemporary, classic, design, art deco... there is something for every taste and budget.

To complete your furniture or simply to bring a touch of originality to your space, we offer additional decorative elements, luminous, decorative or floral accessories. A way to offer a touch of design within a reasonable budget.