Company study day

The first question you may ask yourself is what is a company study day? In practical terms, it can be summed up in two words: training and information.

In the context of a training course, and beyond the business trips required to get there, it brings together employees and collaborators who can follow a training course lasting one or two half-days. But not only that, it can also be used to inform people outside the company about a particular topic.

However, it is simplistic to limit its objectives to these two aspects insofar as it certainly makes it possible to inform but also to motivate, convince and even unite employees around an idea.

Like seminars, colloquia and other symposia, from which it differs mainly in form, the company study day is indispensable both for the management of a company and for attracting potential investors. Below are some of the key points of the study day.

How is a typical company study day organised?

The study day, like the seminar or colloquium, is based on one or more lectures, with one or more speakers. If the topic is unique, it will be analysed by several different experts from different angles. It is therefore a particularly dense kind of working session, as it only lasts for one day.

On the other hand, the day is of course punctuated by breaks, meals and so on, depending on what has been thought up by the company. Sometimes it ends with a round table or a debate at the end of the day.

A company study day differs from a seminar, especially in terms of duration. It is therefore not always easy to include real moments of relaxation or discovery, at the risk of distracting the participants from their primary objective. This does not mean that it is impossible. There are in fact formulas that increasingly make it possible to combine the useful with the pleasant, and to make these days memorable moments.

Some suggestions for your next company study day

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Various and original formulas for your company study day

While it is possible to unite employees around an objective during a working day, a moment of relaxation very often helps to strengthen these links. Agencies such as SOP Events offer company study day packages built around a theme or an activity, or in an original location.

For a study day BordeauxFor example, you will be welcomed in a restaurant on stilts on the Garonne River for your corporate seminar in Bordeaux. The surrounding landscape and river offer a change of scenery and the lunch breaks are real moments of tasting.

The wellness study day is based on small-scale relaxation and awareness-raising activities, which bring serenity and concentration to the participating employees. The teams can recharge their batteries and even take part in a gentle sports activity in the middle of the day, depending on the afternoon's programme. The meals throughout the day are organic and particularly varied.

These formulas, like all the others, can be modified according to the company's specifications. Options can easily be added or removed.