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Company dinner animation : clumsy, blundering, funny waiters

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  • Price from 40 € EXCL. per person
  • Calculated on the basis of 50 people
  • Duration of stay ½j
  • Possible package from 30 à 200 people

Price varies according to the number of people

Job description: Company dinner animation, fake waiter

Discover an original corporate dinner entertainment to complete your professional evenings. From table to table, a fake waiter and a close-up magician will gradually reveal their talent. During your meal, the dinner animation will trigger a firework of emotions: astonishment, uncertainty, laughter...

Depending on your wishes, you can choose a company dinner animation with only fake waiters or with fake waiters and close-up magicians.

Discover other animations around magic similar to our "Company dinner animation" to enhance your company evenings.

Duration Time: dinner time.
Location South-West (Toulouse, Bordeaux, Arcachon, Biarritz, Montpellier, Carcassonne...).

Your company dinner party with fake waiters :

This corporate dinner animation based on the improvisation of the artists, will evolve in crescendo during your meal. During the aperitif, the fake waiters will remain discreet in order to blend in with the real waiters. Gradually, they will surprise the guests by assisting the service in an amusing and offbeat way: burlesque efforts to ensure the service, exaggerated attention to detail, clumsiness at the table... Extravagantly comic attitudes that will not go unnoticed!

You will be able to amaze your guests even more by combining a dinner party animation with close-up magicians. In addition to the dinner party animation, close-up magicians will show you their best magic tricks from table to table. Thanks to the subtle mix of humour and magic, you will be won over by this "Dinner party entertainment"!

Optional :
- Possibility to organize your event evening: event location and seated meal.
- 40 minutes show on stage with Cabaret magic and pickpocket act.

To obtain a price for a dinner animation with a lower or higher number of people, please contact us.

Details of the offer : Animation diner company fake waiter

The price includes

- The presence of 2 artists.
- The show of 1 fake waiter and 1 close-up magician or 2 fake waiters.
- Travelling expenses to Toulouse.

The price does not include

- Rental of a reception room.
- The dinner.
- Travel expenses (outside Toulouse).
- Travelling expenses of the actors.
- Any service not mentioned.


- Management of the reception room.
- Organisation of the meal.
- Stage show with Cabaret magic and a pickpocket act.