International Congress

International congresses are most often organised on the initiative of one or more entities around a particular theme. It has the particularity of bringing together professionals from all walks of life. The congress is above all a time for exchange, discussion and knowledge sharing. It is often a way of taking stock of the progress of a project and of research work. They can also be organised as part of a competition, such as a chess congress.

While the congress itself does not necessarily pose any organisational problems, organising an international congress in a foreign country is a real challenge.

The particularities of an international congress

By its very nature, an international congress requires particularly meticulous organisation as a large number of participants must travel to attend. Furthermore, the service providers of theevent agency you have chosen to work with start the day before, or even several days before, so that everything is ready the next day. At the venues chosen for the occasion, participants have access to fully equipped meeting/conference rooms.

Many specialised event agencies, such as SOP Events, provide client organisations with a project manager. The main role of this person is to provide assistance to the participants. He or she is also responsible for designing the website with all the practical information, the schedule, the particularities of the hotel, etc...

Transport and accommodation on site are fully included in the package. It is indeed important for the client company, through these professional trips abroad when the congress is international, to travel with peace of mind, in complete safety. This removes all logistical concerns for the client company.

This type of seminar has the double advantage of training and discovery.

Some suggestions for your next international congress

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Some examples of international conferences

The international conference abroad has always had a special appeal, perhaps because depending on where it is held, it almost feels like a holiday. Here are some examples of international conferences.

- The Congress in Singapore

Work sessions and breaks alternate, allowing you to take advantage of the services of an upmarket hotel.

- The Congress in Dubai

The Congress takes place in a 5-star hotel. In between meetings, there are lunch breaks to take a breather. You have the opportunity to visit the city in the evening.

- The Congress in Beijing

Organised on the same model as the congresses in Singapore and Dubai, the programme is divided between meetings and breaks. The city tours are free afterwards.

- The Congress in Dublin

You are welcomed in a typical hotel. And the days are punctuated by working meetings and meal breaks. In the evening, participants are free to move around.

- The Congress in LasVegas

You are welcomed in a 4-star hotel. The days are divided between working sessions and various breaks. The Congress ends with a cocktail reception.

All of the above-mentioned conferences are organised on the same model by the SOP Events agency. Unlike the seminars, no recreational activities are offered. However, it is still possible to add options to the basic offers.