Close-up magic show to health standards covid-19

Prices from 

23€ Ht per person

on the basis of 

50 people


½ j

Package available from

10 à 50 people

Price varies according to location and number of people

Close-up magic animation

SOP Events organises your company Close-up magic show in Toulouse and in the South-West of France during your events or seminars. This event is fully compliant with Covid-19 health standards and will allow you to have a good time without any risks!

Your innovative close-up magic show with "La Magicotèque".

A magical, intimate interlude unique in the world! In these very special times of pandemics, and because we need to reinvent ourselves while continuing to dream, William Eston offers you the original elixir of happiness to give your events a unique touch. This magic library offers the public the ideal confine-mental remedy that stimulates and strengthens neurons in a friendly, magical atmosphere!

Everything has been thought out down to the last detail:

  • Strict sanitary conditions
  • Unique magic formula
  • Entertainment for all venues and audiences

It's up to you to imagine the surprising layout! An innovative, interactive show that's awe-inspiring! A show that will appeal to young and old alike, offering them the chance to communicate about the magical moments they've shared. Take a feast for the eyes!

The innovative magic concept

The magicothèque is a collection of over a hundred historical magic tricks contained in magic boxes, stored in bookcases. Each box is labelled with the name of the trick presented. Welcomed and guided by the magician in the area in front of the bookcases, spectators are invited to choose their box. This magic library offers a convivial and poetic moment where each person chooses his or her show and "touches the finger" of the art of Illusion.

Price includes :

- Several cult magic tricks of the customer's choice,
- 2 hours of entertainment,
- Mileage within a 50 km radius of Toulouse.

Price does not include :

- Room hire,
- Meals,
- Transport,
- Mileage beyond a 50 km radius of Toulouse,
- Any services not mentioned.

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