Business travel seminar

voyage séminaire entreprise

Business travel seminar organization

A business travel seminar is a meeting that brings a part or all the members of a company together in order to achieve a specific objective depending on the theme of the seminar. From half a day to an entire weekend, a business travel seminar is organized in an unusual working place and enables the employees to disconnect from working habits. A business travel seminar is a different way to work in an enjoyable location. To change the routine, the best way is to organize your business travel seminar in a completely different working spot like another district, another city or another country !

As a specialized business travel seminar organization agency, SOP Events can suggests you a global and custom-made offer : from the location to the transport (plane, boat, train) by the way of the accommodation, the catering, the meeting, the visits and the activities… We search, compare and coordinate the different services for you. SOP Events is specialized in custom-made business travel seminar in France and abroad (Corsica, Italy, Spain, England, Croatia, United-States, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico…). In order to meet your expectations, we suggest you some turnkey offers but also tailor-made business travel seminars.

Each year, our agency organizes more than 1300 events. We have a travel license, and, in case of mishap or accident, we have an insurance for the companies.

Business travel seminar organization : some ideas

The programs below are based on what we realized for previous clients and are just examples of what we can do for your company. Some of our offers are not on the website, if you want to go to a specific destination you can contact us. We organize business travel seminars all around the world !

Two types of business travel seminar :

There are different kind of business travel seminars with its own objectives and organization. There are 5 types of business travel seminars :

– Training business travel seminar :  the aim is to train your partners to a new project, a new working organization, a new tool to understand etc. A real team spirit and a cohesion will be developed.

Cohesion and motivation business travel seminar : during this kind of seminar, atypical and fun activities will stimulate your employees, this is team building seminar. We have a lot of team building activities for your partners. Sportive activities, funny activities, cultural activities, artistic activities, gastronomic activities, discovery activities, bizarre activities… a large selection ! The aim is to improve the team performance and productivity in the company but especially creating a good communication and working atmosphere. Moreover, the employees will appreciate this kind of activity and will be more satisfied and involved in their work.

– Integration business travel seminar : the integration of your new employees will be encouraged during this kind of seminar. On one hand, the new employees can quickly meet the company’s members and on the other hand they can join a real group dynamic. They will also learn about the company’s values and culture.

– Board of directors business travel seminar : it is composed of the big managers of the company’s board. They will speak about the strategical decision in relation to the company’s future.

– Management business travel seminar : it is for young middle managers who want to practice and learn about their new job and develop some skills.

Business travel seminar and team building combination

As you can combinate work and relaxation, we suggest you a lot of team building activities in addition to your business travel seminar. Your day will be divided in two parts : one half a day of work and one half a day for relaxing. A good mood, a good communication and a time to relax are key elements to make the team cohesion better. A good choice is to do natural outside activities like 2CV rally activities, Olympic games activities, golf competition activities, city tour activities, igloo construction activities, treasure hunt activities, extreme aquatic activities (rafting, canyoning…), etc.

Indoors activities are good for conviviality as well. It can be artistic like music activities, painting activities, theatre activities, cooking activities or other themes like oenology activities.

To conclude, with the large selection of business travel seminar, your company will find the most appropriate for its requirements, its needs and its desires. SOP Events can create a custom-made business travel seminar depending on your budget and you will have only one representative during the whole business travel seminar organization. In addition to your business travel seminar, you can do various activities (sports activities, oenology activities, relaxing activities…) to entertain and increase the team cohesion of your company. After a business travel seminar, your employees and your coworkers will work in a better atmosphere, the quality of the work will be improved, and they will be grateful for this little escape from working routine.