8 steps to organise a product launch!

organiser lancement de produit

8 steps to organise a product launch:

When a company reveals a new product, it is important to go big to attract the attention of the public and stir the press curiosity up. Organising a big product launch is really necessary to assure the success of your product. For your event to be a success, we advise you to get help from an events agency or to a public relations agency, from simple logistical support to the development of a genuine event communication project. Thus, you will be able to work together on the place searching, the service of a caterer, the reception of your guests, the rental of equipment and decoration, the entertainment and the search for personalities and journalists.

SOP Events is the perfect events agency for organising a company’s product launch, whether in France (Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Cannes, Monaco…) or abroad (Spain, England, Portugal, Morocco, United States, Dubai, Asia…). SOP Events manages your product launch event as a whole: room rental, catering, entertainment, activities, accommodation, transport, decoration, security and escort services, etc. With more than 1,300 events organised each year, we guarantee you quality service providers, with whom we have been working for years.

Do not hesitate to contact us through our website or by phone on 05 34 391 392. A project manager will be dedicated to your event will escort you throughout the organisation of your event. Let us know all the specificities of your project, your wishes, your constraints and your budget, and receive within 48 hours a personalised quote with several options. Choose the one that suits you best, make changes if you want and let us take care of the rest. A single contact, a single invoice and no stress for you!

Discover the 8 steps:

1- Select a place: For a product launch, you have to choose the place as soon as possible (6 months to 1 year before the event). The rental of a place or room requires a deep thought process that focuses on its capacity, functionality and location. Thus, it is important to do this in advance, to identify the pre-selected locations and then choose the appropriate one.

2- Find the date: Then you have to determine the moment of the day when your clients are most available. The lunchtime (restaurant, bar, barge, estate, loft…)? In the late afternoon (beauty institute, sports club, shop, warehouse, park, boutique..)? in the evening (museum, castle, public place…)? First, you will have to survey the people you absolutely want to see at your event (important clients/persons, prospects, journalists…). There are two choices to get a useful quick and cheap survey: by phone, mail or internet (with a free tool like Doodle for instance). Feedbacks are almost immediate and allow you to set a date.

3- Define the budget: the budget is the essential point to organise your product launch. You have to define all the expenses linked to this event:

– Receptionists, cloakroom.
– Catering (amuse-bouche, cocktails, drinks…).
– Entertainment.
– Decoration, sound, lights…
– Speaker.
– Project Manager.
– Security.
– Taxi services.

4- Make a list of the guests: Who to invite? this is really important. There are 3 groups to pick: loyal clients, local influent people (mayor, deputies, journalists,…) and your prospects. For invitations, opt for personalised invitation card.

5- Make sure you have the theme and the activity: For the theme, you have to stay in line with your company (e.g. e-technologies, transport, textiles…). For the animations, SOP Events will offer you various animations according to your theme. Also plan to offer a gift to those who have taken the time to come, so that they will have a good memory of your event!

6- Journalists and personalities: It is very important to invite people who can relay information in the press or whose presence ensures media coverage. This requires the presence of journalists and personalities. If journalists are coming to your event, they should in principle write a paper on it. The presence of personalities enhances your notoriety and attracts the media, which will give you even more publicity for your company and your product launch. This evening will be a time for exchanges and discoveries that will increase word of mouth.

7- Communicate around this event: Indeed, it is essential to share this event before, during and even after!

Before: announce the event on your website and social networks; specify that it is a private event; mobilise the local press (print media journalist, radio, web…). Don’t forget to communicate internally: A new product launch must be an event for an SME, from the switchboard operator to the CEO. Don’t forget to send an SMS or email to remind everyone of the big day. Everyone in the company must be concerned!

During the event: give a warm welcome to journalists; distribute your business cards and flyers or leaflets and leave them at strategic places (entrance, buffet, armchairs…); ask a photographer to capture the evening and don’t forget to publish the photos or videos in real-time on your social networks (Facebook live, Twitter, Google Plus…).

Afterwards: send an e-mail to your guests thanking them for attending this event; try to retrieve press articles from local newspapers and post them on your website and social networks. Publish the photos and videos of your evening on your social networks.

8- Make the post-event feedback: One month after your event, hold a debriefing meeting. This must be programmed to analyse what went well/badly wrong, the reaction of the competition, the impact on sales…

First inspiration to organise your product launch

A personalised and tailor-made quote within 48 hours? Feel free to contact us directly to organize a product launch via our quote request form or by phone at 05 34 391 392. Not all SOP Events offers are online, visit our website for some inspiration.

Management of your event as a whole:

SOP Events is your event agency in charge of organising product launches for your company in France and abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us for global management of your event, our project managers will assist you throughout the organisation process and will advise you as best they can. Our goal is to make your product launch a striking and unforgettable event for your company, your customers or even your competitors. For your business event, go big or go home! Don’t miss the opportunity to surprise your guests. Let us manage your event and don’t worry about anything anymore! Contact us and receive a quote within 48 hours.